Polish school

  • Hello, here are three things which are always in my pockets. I always have phone to be connected with the world you can say I'm a little addicted.Wallet is also vey important because i like to have my money with me, and of course sunglasses because i hate when sun rays get into my eyes. -Miłosz Papaj


    In the picture are three things which are always with me, especially when I leave my house. The first one is my mobile phone. I don't move anywhere without it. This is my biggest addiction. The second is my mascara. My eyelashes always must be black. I'm feeling strange without it.The last thing is banknote. I usually carry money because I don't know when they will be necessary.
    - Katarzyna WołoszynHELLO, I am showing you three things without I don't leave my house. Of course if I go anywhere for at least a few days. I am not writting about my phone because this is clear that I always have it with me even when I go out for a moment as most people at my age. The first thing without I don't travel is my iPod. I have there music which I listen during journey, I have games and my photo, too. Second thing is some funny. It is my teddy bear. I have it since I was 7 years old. I take it always when I go travelling. The last thing is food. I don't like be hungry so I mostly take something to eat. Pola Hulbój.
    Here are three things that I don't leave my home without. The first one is my phone, which allows me to stay in touch with my friends, listen to my favourite music and play some games to pass the time. The second thing are my headphones that allow me to listen to music without bothering anyone. The last one is my hairbrush, which helps me keep my hair neat and without any tangles.
    - Katarzyna Kardas


    I'd like to describe things that I always take with me when I go out. The first thing is the phone that I use all the time to chat or use Snapchat during spending time with my friends. There is a lot of fun with this application. The second thing are headphones which I am using the whole day. I am definitely addicted to listening music. And the third important thing is watch which allows me to be always on time :)                                                    - Wiktoria Pokorska

    I am always in rush. Because of it I want to have three litttle things which help me in daily life. The first thing is my "third hand". I always have my phone in my pocket or in my bag. I have everything in it: my photos, documents and other important stuff. I use it to chat with my friends and family during the day. Every time I am on the meeting with my friends we use Snapchat or camera to make photos. The second thing are headphones. Every day I have to go to school and go home by bus. At this time I love listening my favourite music. The last thing is my powerbank. I am addicted to phone a little bit so when my battery level is too low I'm tense. This little device helps me be happy with my smartphone :)
    -Olga Nowacka 
    So in this picture we have three thing that I always take with me when I'm going visit new places which are located somewhere beyond my place of residence. The first and most important object is my wallet. The second thing is my phone. Thanks to him I can be in touch with my family and friends. The last thing is camera because I like to take pictures - Natalia Wiatrowska.


    There are three things that I always take with me when I go out of my house. The most important thing is my phone. I can't imagine a situation when I can't call my parents or emergency services. It is also my way to block reality out. Next comes wallet. In this world you will not survive without money. The last thing are my documents: ID and bus ticket. I use them to move from one place to antoher e.g. form home to school and back.

    -Szymon Góral

    Hi! These are three things that i would take if I went out. The first thing is my wallet. It is the most important because it gives the sence of security. The second thing is my phone. I feel safe when I have it because I can call someone if something happens and I am connected to the internet. The third are my headphones. I love listening to music so I always keep them near me. - Julia Wierzbik

    Hello! If I went to a journey I would take those three things. First of all documents if there is any situation when I have to confirm my identity. The second important object for a journey is a phone if i have to call someone. The last but not least thing is wallet because you have to use money everywhere and it's very important to not get lost.- Alberto Verna

    Those three things are my ,,must have" when I'm going on a tour. The first thing is my phone, because I have to stay in touch with my friends and family. The next one is camera - taking photos is a great way to remeber the best moments. And the last thing is a book that I'm currently reading. Books are perfect when you want to spend some time in imaginary world.
    -Magdalena Sędzielowska