LOL origins

  • Gymnázium Štefana Moysesa, Moldava nad Bodvou, Slovakia

    Our school is in Moldava nad Bodvou. You can see our town in the picture. Moldava is in Slovakia, near Košice. Our school is not very big.  We are attending secondary grammar school. In our school there are 130 students and 20 teachers. Our class consists of 18 students, but not everyone of us is joining this project. We take part  in different events, such as skiing course, swimming course, theatre performances, excursions,.. We are not only from Moldava, but also from near villages. We arrive to school with buses. 


    General Lyceum of Velvendos

    Our school is located in Velvendo, Western Macedonia, Greece in the province of Kozani. Velvendos is populated by almost 3400 residents according to the 2011 census. You can see our town and school in the pictures above. In our high school there are 92 students and 16 teachers. Our class "A2" consists of 16 students and all of us are participating this project. Some of us love playing music, others like track and field sports and some like hanging out with friends. Don't forget to check our profile avatars in our Laugh Out Loud Team page.