Position Papers on The League of Nations

  • Committee: Paris Peace Conference

    Country: The Delegation of Poland

    Topic: League of States/Nations


    A conflict such as the Great War cannot be allowed to occur again. No more must innocent blood be shed over problems that can be solved in a diplomatic manner. The future security of the world lies in the League of Nations and peaceful cooperation between countries. Upon the League, and upon it alone, depends the liberty of the Polish people. The League is a necessary tool which we must use to shape the future of our world.


    Without the League of Nations, there can be no protection for Poland. Between Germany and Russia, we would be left vulnerable and open to attack. While we build up our strength, we cannot hope to protect ourselves without the League to fall back on. Currently, our people lack the necessities of life in a sacrifice for our soldiers so that we may defend ourselves from Bolshevist invasion and encroachment. We are struggling to maintain stability and maintain our security simultaneously. Therefore, the League is absolutely necessary for the future of Poland. Moreover, American intervention in Europe has brought the possibility of an independent Polish State and our democracy will be set up under the inspiration of the American people. Further cooperation with America and other countries would thus be extremely fruitful for the Polish state.


    In order for the League of Nations to succeed, the following must be implemented. The League must have a strong response to aggression, which is unfortunately inevitable. This may be done by creating a peacekeeping force comprised of troops from each Member State. The League must promote pacifism and disarmament, as well as diplomatic cooperation to resolve issues. Solutions should be based on economic sanctions, and in the case of countries fearing a deterioration of their economy due to a loss of trading partners, trade agreements in the League may be useful. Furthermore, a two-thirds majority should be required to pass resolutions or make decisions. No country should have veto power and each country should have an equal amount of power. Perhaps most importantly, all countries should be welcome to join. The League of Nations should be divided into two: the Council and the General Assembly, which will further be divided into the following committees: disarmament, decolonization and mandates, and human rights. There must be ambassadors permanently appointed to the League so that the Council may meet for emergency sessions in order to respond quickly. Territorial disputes may be dealt with at an international court linked to the League. Lastly, the covenant of the League of Nations shall be a separate document from the final Treaty of the Paris Peace Conference.


    Committee: Paris Peace Conference

    Country: The Dominion of India

    Topic: League of States/Nations


    The Great War has taught each one of us a lesson. It has been a lesson of suffering, aggression and cruelty. It is now up to us, to use what we have learnt from this for the prevention of future disasters. The League of Nations is a great opportunity to do exactly that.

    This is why The Dominion of India is highly eager to become a member of the League of Nations as a self-governing nation. We believe this would give us the opportunity to develop our international standing and form new ties with other nations.

    In order to maximize the efficiency of the League, many measures have to be taken and many aspects have to be considered. This means that opinions and questions about the disarmament of all nations, non-aggression clauses, the case of non-compliance, exit clauses, economical provisions and most importantly the independence of colonies have to be discussed.

    Regarding disarmament and non-aggression clauses The Dominion of India is in absolute favor of both measures as they both contribute to the prevention of military aggression. However we would like to remind everyone that The Republic of Germany in particular is more of a threat to our safety than others which is why it should reduce its military forces to a greater extent than the rest of us as a punishment. We suggest this should apply especially to the German navy. The Dominion of India also believes in holding nations back with military forces in case of non-compliance because further escalations can be prevented that way. We also think every country should be able to leave the League of Nations under an exit clause that makes the exiting individual pay a certain amount of money. Of course an organization such as the League of Nations would be profitable for all member-nations economically as well. For this to be as efficient as possible, The Dominion of India sees a necessity in reinforcing international trade laws since this would allow countries such as ours to establish new partnerships.

    Now, the independence of colonies is of great importance. Not only is it a chance for formerly oppressed nations to stand on their own feet, but also another step towards worldwide freedom and peace. We, The Dominion of India realize that we still have much to learn and do before independence becomes truly beneficial for us. However we shall not be underestimated and oppressed by anyone, especially the British in particular. We have shown nothing but kindness and loyalty to The British Empire in this war and have humbly asked for an increase of self-governance. Instead of rewarding us with what we have clearly earned, Britain has further oppressed us by enforcing measures such as The Rowlatt Act. Clearly we see this as a betrayal as we had tried working peacefully towards self-governance with the Montagu-Chelmsford Reforms in 1918. The Dominion of India hereby reminds Britain of the fact that it cannot hold the Indian people back with such actions. This is not a threat, but a prediction of what will happen if The British Empire goes on to rule in India as it has been doing so far. In order to preserve peace in India, self-governance must be granted. The Indian government and the Indian population must be taken more seriously and Britain must stop seeing itself as superior, but as more of a support instead. All we ask Britain to do is to maintain a structured balance of guidance and leadership on the one hand and the condition of freedom on the other hand. In The League of Nations there should be direct contact between the India Office, The Government of India and the head of the League of Nations.

    In return, the fact that we are not yet seeking independence and therefore wouldn’t be part of the League of Nations as an independent nation, leads to our vote being recognized as that of the British which would be profitable for The British Empire. This way we hope a close partnership between Britain, the League of Nations and The Dominion of India can persist.



    Paris 1919 – Six months that changed the world, Margaret Macmillan, 2003, Random House

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    Forum: Paris Peace Conference

    Subject: Seat of the League of Nations

    Submitter: Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes

    Co-Submitters: -



    The Paris Peace Conference,


    Fully aware of the need of a neutral country as the seat to the League of Nations


    Fully believing that a League of Nations would create much needed transparency


    Convinced that the war was caused by a lack of communication


    Realising that a debate is easier to hold with a council



    The Paris Peace Conference:


    1) Considers declaring the seat of the League of Nations in Brussels or Luxemburg, due to their neutrality


    2) Seeks to create a common military force to which every nation contributes


    3) Strongly advises not to exclude any nations of contributing to world peace




    Committee: Paris Peace Conference

    Country: The delegation of Germany

    Topic: League of Nations


    Honorable Chair, Fellow Delegates,

    We, the delegation of Germany, do not wish to see the horrors of another war. We do not wish to see countries getting destroyed once again. We want to be a part of the peace, just as much as anybody else. During this war, we have all seen the other side of our collective civil society, and we do not want to see this ever again. We believe the best way to secure the peace and end all wars is to form a League, and through its continued support. We wish to stand together and face hatred and hostility in unity. None of us can face the consequences on our own. If we, as the different nations of the world, do not stand together we will be digging our own graves. We will be marching towards our own fall. At that point we will not be able to protect ourselves, our families, our nations from the

    Fellow nations of the world: war is a mutual enemy. None of us are free from sin. We have all done wrongdoings in the best aspects. But we now have the opportunity to make war a thing of the past. We now have the opportunity to end all wars. We, the delegation of Germany, wish to fight this enemy through multiple points. Firstly, the inclusion of all countries would greatly benefit the League. By leaving out a delegation, as a result of personal feelings of hate and animosity, it would be leaving a country locked out from both the benefits and the inclusion the League aims to offer us all, unable to take advantage of the offer of discussion, and the solutions to disputes that the League offers. We all need this League to rebuild the trust between us and our neighbors. And, although it is not a complete product, the League promises an important step forward for us all.

    Germany is a proud and strong nation. We are prepared to handle our share of the League. Our military is prepared to disarm itself to the proposed 100,000 force. However, we are also willing to use our current troops to assist in the enforcement of peace and protection for League members. In case of non-compliance Germany offers themselves as representatives, if, of course, their forces are not disarmed immediately.

    Germany is willing to accept the National Self-determination of its colonies, granted they are capable of building self-sustaining and stable governments, and after a closed-plebiscite. To this time, we propose they are turned into mandates under their current large-scale benefactors.

    Concerning the League, Germany proposes there be no exit clause inside the League. To allow the option of leave is to allow peace of collapse. Order and safety should not be based on the whims of a country. Although the small-scale aims of the League may focus on different things: peace should never be negotiable.

    However, if there was to be an aspect of the League charter that Germany is not in agreement with, it would be the ones concerning economical provisions. Germany does not believe that the restrictions on a country’s economy to be the answer to the violent acts of a fellow Nation. These measures take time to both implement and for them to take effect, while it is simultaneously concession the League aims to achieve, not the hatred caused by the starving of a people. If the League aims to take action, it will be through diplomatic negations or military action: not through slow-acting economic restrictions.

    Germany, in connection with the desires of the workers of the world, wishes to ensure free and equal rights. Through our active role in social policy and protection this will be ensured through the league.

    Fellow nations, we need to work together. Germany itself is coming to terms the importance of a more Socialist agenda. The new Weimar Republic aims to set an example for the world. We are now starting anew. We are starting all over. And we, as a new Germany, will be able to make this League stronger. What happened these past years is to be dealt with, certainly. But we must also be ready to look forward.

    Therefore, we, the delegation of Germany, have made our proposals.




    Austrian League of Nations position paper

    Committee: Paris Peace Conference

    Country: The Republic of Austria

    Topic: The League of Nations

    Over the past 4 years havoc has reigned over Europe and caused people of various ethnicities and cultures to be spread over the entire land. The war has caused millions upon million upon millions of great minds and powerful people to perish and leave the land a mess. Every power who sits in this room today has seen the devastation this war has caused. We all understand that every power here is in a state which leaves us vulnerable from an economic stand point.

    We as Austria were among the first two participants in this war, and therefore we have suffered longer than most. After the assassination of the heir to our throne, Franz Ferdinand, we sent an ultimatum to Serbia, which if they refused war would start. The terms were clear yet they refused leaving us no choice but war. The war which lasted 4 years has left refugees, past prisoners and other sorts of people in places which they don’t belong. It has left great cities in ruin and caused a huge amount of damage to all countries’ infrastructure. When we joined the war we were known as Austria-Hungary and we lost 175,000 people. In addition it has caused a great many of our great cities to be left in turmoil. And when we eventually pulled out of the war in 1918 we were left in a weak and vulnerable state.

    As we, the delegation of Austria have said countless times, we have all suffered from this war in a tremendous way. We, like many other great nations have our citizens scattered and wish for them to be brought home to work for the renewal of Austria. And we therefore support the idea of a league that speaks for all of us in matters that goes beyond what one country is able to decide. A league that can bring us out of turmoil and renew Europe into a treasure of this world. We also firmly believe that our army should not be banned due to the imminent threat of the Serbian Russian alliance. We are scared as a country that the Serbs want revenge but hope that we can prevent any conflict. We would also recommend that we should be allowed a seat that is of high rankings in the League of Nations. This is because we were one of the great powers before this war ravaged our country. Again, we, the delegation of Austria stand behind this idea of the League of Nations and kindly ask to be assessed and implemented as soon as possible.



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    Committee: Paris Peace Conference


    Country: Kingdom of Belgium


    Topic: League of Nations

    This war claimed many casualities. Even if we say that Germany brought us this war, its the fault of all of us, because we didn`t take care of our people. The treaties that were broken destroyed the brotherhood between the peacefully living allied countries. Not very much countries managed to maintain the bonds with their allies from peaceful times.

    Not a single country, colony or area that is big enough to manage itself should be under control of another country. It is their right to create a own state and select their own leadership.

    All states should sign a treaty for non-aggression during peaceful times or all the independent states shall form an alliance, so all military problems would be handeled internal. This would solve problems without disturbing the population.

    The seat of a League of Nations should be in the center of many countries, so not too many delegates have to travel a long way.






    Committee: Paris Peace Conference

    Country: The Republic of France

    Topic: League of Nations

    The results of this war have shown us that one thing; humanity is going nowhere. Our emotions had taken over our minds. We let ourselves think only about our personal interests, but not the whole population of Europe. If we continue follow the path of endless violence and suffering, we will perish. That is why every nation of this great continent should start considering and option of forming a peace institution that would ensure that such brutal conflict will not happen again. Of course, there can’t be only single nation that should lead it, but a whole world. That way, we could ensure peace not only in Europe, but also on the entire globe.

    The League should approve the idea of disarming all Central Powers, including Germany. To ensure the peace, we must first deal with the ones who want to abolish it. We could get rid of their weaponry so that wat, they wouldn’t be able to start a new war and even if they’d do that, they would easily be defeated. This calls for a need of strengthening France’s north-eastern border to ensure its safety. We could also impose conditionalities on them such as banning heavy weaponry, reducing the numerical amount of troops, reducing their navy, Air Force, we could also occupy the strategic military locations and then demilitarize them. As for the colonies, they could fall under the protectorate of a country that will be picked by the League. The High Council should also establish its own military forces. Simple imposing sanctions is like a teacher, pointlessly reprimanding the most spoiled, loud-mouthed brat in a class. In order to make sure that the peace will not be disturbed by any sorts of revolutionary movements like nationalist and communist for example in Germany, the League needs a good way to get rid of the problem.


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    Committee: Paris Peace Conference

    Country: The Kingdom of Italy

    Topic: League of Nations


    The Great War was an enormous catastrophe which struck the world in the past few years. Europe is left devastated and lands are destroyed beyond the possibility of recovering. Life of all European citizens has been changed forever. People of all races and nations were killed, no country was spared from terrible losses and suffering. More than 8 million people died and three times as many were wounded.

    Italy was not exempt from this disaster; war was also fought on its soil. We have suffered great casualties. About 700 000 of our soldiers were killed on the battlefield. The war has also caused us financial problems, delayed our economic progress and aggravated the state of our society.

    In order to bring peace and stability Europe desperately longs for, Italy is in favor of creating the League of Nations which would make effort to encourage unity and mutual helping. Its tasks would be to end wars and arms races. Its aim would be to improve international relations and cooperation and in this way elevate security and stimulate progress in Europe.

    We propose that both victorious and defeated sides become member states as the League of Nations can only be effective and achieve its goals if all countries participate together and the seat of the League should be based in a neutral country which had not fought in the war.

    The League should be responsible for the fulfillment of the general disarmament of all countries which would ensure that this kind of disaster never repeats in the future. The League should set up an international court to settle disputes between member states and should have the power to intervene if the states do not comply with the League’s rules and decisions. Punishments for the non-compliance should be economic sanctions and isolation from international trade.


    Margaret MacMillan: Paris 1919: six months that changed the world






    Committee: Paris Peace Conference
    Country: The United Kingdom
    Topic: League of Nations


    The war we have experienced has shown to be a tragedy that should be avoided under every cost. Many of the factors that have led to the said tragedy could have been avoided by implementing preventative measures. First and foremost the open collaboration of the countries of this world could help in avoiding the emergence of the intricate alliance system that is greatly responsible for the downfall of other relations. The League of Nations, therefore, poses an opportunity for the world to collaborate to prevent war and dissolve other international disputes and ultimately achieve world peace.

    It is in the belief of the United Kingdom that the national armaments of all countries should be reduced. The extent of the disarmament should be addressed for each country individually according to their capabilities and national safety. It is considered that the reduction of armaments will also serve as an economic relief in this moment of great debt by reducing the budget spent on the military. However part of the Member’s remaining forces should be promised to the League for upholding its goal of peace in case of war. It is furthermore in the opinion of the United Kingdom that the Covenant of the League of Nations should be constructed with a great deal of respect towards the leading countries as the League can only function with their full cooperation.

    All members of the League should agree to non-aggression and to encourage non-aggression among other countries. Disputes that threaten to provoke war should be brought upon the League to be judged and resolved by its members. However, if the non-aggression pact violated, the perpetrator or initiator of the war shall be punished by the severance of all relations including trade. Upon further disregard for the League’s attempts of diplomatic resolution, the country shall be penalized by a military invasion of the League’s joint military forces. The country responsible for the violations will be put on probation for which time its vote and opinion shall not be considered by the League.

    Ultimately the United Kingdom believes the League of Nations should be implemented. It is in our opinion that it could help in the maintenance of peace, yet only if other countries are truly committed to its implementation. Such an organization should place its focus on non-aggression and maintaining public relations, especially in these post war years, in order to avoid an even graver outbreak of violence.


    League of Nations



    After having lived through the most destructive war in human history, we have to make sure such a thing can and will never happen again.

    What we need is collective security, arbitration and disarmament.

    To execute these aims, the idea, which the delegation of the United States presented, makes many of these problems easier to handle and to control.


    Most of the wars, which have happened, were created by arguments about countries having more arms than another, countries preparing for war, countries’ aggressive attitudes, countries’ colonies and countries’ economy. In order to prevent a second world war, we need to be sure there are no aggressions from none of the participants a League of Nations.

    The League of Nations should be a place where everyone can participate to world peace. Every argument should be solved before it gets too serious and all of this with neutrality. Therefore we, the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, suggest to declare the seat of the League of Nations in a neutral country such as Belgium or Luxemburg.

    In order to have a proper discussion about all the problems that will be needed to be solved, we also suggest to have a council to lead the discussion. Here again the council should not be biased.


    We suggest to create a common military force, in which every nation is either allowed to contribute as much assistance as they want or can, or they have to contribute according to their labour force, so that, again, every nation is treated equally.


    Many will wonder whether Germany or Austria-Hungary should be allowed to be part of the League of Nations and we strongly advise to allow them to contribute. We can not do the mistake they did, which is to think we have the right to rule them. Every single nation has the right to be independent and therefore we also advise to give every single country the possibility to join whenever they want and exit whenever they want. Of course the council would be allowed to weigh different contributions and arguments differently, but they should not interfere too badly.


    The past war was mainly caused by a lack of communication. With the League of Nations, we will create easier communication between two nations and transparency. And this is exactly what we need. Transparency.


    Thank you