Acting Workshops

  • Monday, 26th September 2016

    Survival techniques on stage!

    Workshop 1, given by Anders: Acting might sometimes feel like juggling with both a tennis ball and a champagne glass. It can be done, however, if only you remember to make eye-contact and trust each other. (And if you know where to find a broom in case you drop the glass.)

    Tuesday, 27th September 2016


    Workshop 2, given by Mat: Being an actor means to pay attention and react quickly, in fact as quickly as a duellist who attempts to shoot someone. Splat is a goofy game for kids, but it's fun and it keeps you on your toes.

    More silly games? Yes, please.

    Build me a...

    Being cooperative and understanding others intuitively, even without words - that is another quality a good actor must have. So why not build a few things and see who is first to finish when no verbal instructions may be given to your group.

    Of course you know what it is. Yes, the Eiffel tower (above) and the Statue of Liberty (below).

    Spell it out!

    Does this all seem Greek to you? Okay, then let's try the Roman alphabet. Again, groups work together without uttering a single syllable or letter.

    Wednesday, 28th September 2016

    Workshop 3, given by Annabelle and Mathew.

    Tap, tap, double tap...

    Hands on the floor...

    ... and be ready to tap when it's your turn.

    Who's in? Who's out? A difficult job for Mathew to act as a referee. 

    A speed game that needs concentration and coordination.