Draft Resolutions - Territorial Conflicts

  • Forum: Paris Peace Conference

    Subject: Territorial Dispute

    Submitter: The Japanese Empire

    Delegates: Oliver Deleuran, Robert Müller


    The Paris Peace conference,

    Deeply disturbed by the fact that the Japanese Empire has not received all of the Chinese and Korean colonies that were previously owned by Germany,

    Noting with deep concern that the western colonies are being deprived of simple human needs,

    Keeping in mind the assistance that Japan has given to the western countries to help bring Germany to a stop,

    Taking into account that the central powers have been stripped of substantial territories.


    The Paris Peace Conference:

    1. Is convinced that Germany should be stripped of their colonies and have bits of land taken off the borders.

    2. Draws attention to Germanys borders, especially by France to give them some more land.

    3. Reminds the nations that the land given to Denmark, Belgium, Estonia, France, Czech Republic, Poland, and Lithuania by Germany, shall remain where they are given.

    4. Expresses its appreciation of Germany accepting these terms.



    Forum: Paris Peace Conference

    Subject: The indepence of colonies in The League of Nations

    Submitter: The Dominion of India

    Co-Submitters: -


    The Paris Peace Conference,


    Seeking the independence of colonies in The League of Nations,

    Taking into account that not yet all countries are ready for independence, but self-governance at the least,

    Fully believing independence will have a positive influence on those former colonies, who are ready for independence,

    Reminding colonies’ independence is of great importance for the preservation of worldwide peace and satisfaction,

    Emphasizing the current rulers of the colonies need to take the benefits of decolonization into consideration,


    The Paris Peace Conference:

    1. Requests the decolonization of colonies

    2. Encourages the introduction and increase of self-governance in remaining colonies by:

    1. Enabling the self-representation of colonies in The League of Nations with direct contact between the two

    2. Granting colonies to have a say in foreign-policy matters

    3. Including colonies’ local governments in making decisions

    1. Reminds every nation of the possible troubles that can resolve from the oppression of colonies

    2. Draws attention to the worldwide benefit that results from decolonization

    3. Proposes the colonies’ current rulers to support the independence of colonies




    Committee: Paris Peace Conference

    Country: The United States of America

    Topic: Boundary disputes


    In the Great War many nations took part. Yet, only a few countries. The delegation of the United States of America wants to remind to the other delegations of direct reason for the beginning of this war. The assassination of Archduke of Austria, Franz Ferdinand. The assassinators were Serbian nationalists. There cannot be peaceful Europe if the nations are enclosed in malfunctioning empires. For that reason, the delegation of the USA calls upon all states present at the conference to support creation of the national countries in place of collapsed empires. In addition, the countries’ borders which were violated during the war should be restored.


    From this place, the delegation wants to present several points that were proclaimed by president Woodrow Wilson in the January 1918 and still are valid regarding to the situation in Europe. 


    Belgium, the first country that suffered in the war, has to be restored. Any attempts to limit its sovereignty cannot be undertaken. Without this step, the shape of future Europe will be impaired. 


    The territory of France has to be restored within the invaded portions. Moreover, the treaty from 1871 in matter of territorially changes caused obnoxious relation between France and Germany. Therefore, the Alsace and Lorraine should return to France. 


    The nations which were part of Austro-Hungary empire should have an ability to autonomous development. 


    The border of Italy should be established according to the lines of nationality. 


    The Turkish state has to be assured about sovereignty and security, however, the nations that are under the Turkish rule should have an ability to autonomous development.


    The Polish state has to be erected on the territories inhabited by indigenous Polish population. In addition, it has to have a free access to the sea. In the disputed areas de decision should be made considering on the votes of population. 


    All the statements mentioned above intend to clarify all boundary disputes and establish stable peace in Europe.



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