Draft Resolutions - War Guilt

  • Forum: Paris Peace Conference

    Subject: War Guilt

    Submitter: The United States of America

    Co-submitters: -


    The Paris Peace Conference,


    1. Realising vastness of material and human losses caused by the war

    2. Having considered the events preceding the war, including:

      1. Balkans war

      2. Moroccan crises

      3. Results of assassination of Archduke of Austria

    3. Noting with deep concern lack of reaction of Central Powers to the peace proposes

    4. Emphasizing violation of neutral country, Belgium, by German Empire


    The Paris Peace Conference,


    1. Notes lack of any rational diplomatic actions intended to appease Balkan conflict by German Empire

    2. Condemn the military operations carried out by German Empire and its allies in Europe, Africa and Near East

    3. Emphases the necessity of actions undertaken by Entente in order to end the war



    Forum: Paris Peace Conference

    Subject: War Guilt

    Submitter: The United Kingdom

    Co-Submitters: -


    The Paris Peace Conference,

    Noting with deep concern the extent of the casualties of the war,

    Alarmed by the impact of the war on the economic situation,

    Having examined Russia, Austria – Hungary and Germany as the initiators of the conflict,


    The Paris Peace Conference:

    1. Considers Russia’s militarization previous to Serbia rejecting Austria-Hungary’s ultimatum to be warmongering;


    1. Reminds that Austria-Hungary’s demands given to Serbia were too high and therefore unachievable;


    1. Condemns Germany for furthering the conflict by invading neutral Belgium and declaring war to France;


    1. Emphasises the importance of the alliance system in causing the war and therefore acknowledges its disadvantages.




    Forum: Paris Peace Conference

    Subject: War Guilt

    Submitter: Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes

    Co-Submitters: -


    The Paris Peace Conference,


    Keeping in mind, how enormous losses both social and economics the World War brought us


    Fully alarmed by how unfair the situation during the war was and how many innocent people have died.


    Deeply concerned, that two mainly guilty for this conflict were Austria-Hungary and German Empire


    Recognizing awful war crimes made by these countries, but also of many others.


    Emphasizing, that the situation like that can occur in the future and fulfilling the wish that it would not be so.



    The Paris Peace Conference:


    1) Reminds everybody that this war was unavoidable due to the rising hate between the countries and complicated alliances

    2) Recalls that Austria was overreacting after the assassination of the Archduke.

    3) Condemns the German Empire, which was attacking the civilians both on the ground and the sea as well as the neutral states of Belgium and Luxembourg and used chemical weapons

    4) Demands that those two countries to be punished

    5) Expresses its hope that the trial will be just and fair