Module 3: Technology and Its Legacy: A “Technological War Wiki”




    Technology and Its Legacy: A “Technological War Wiki”


    Dear Module 3 Students,

    Below you will find an outline of the topics you can research in order to build our “Technological War Wiki”.  You are invited to contribute to any and all topics in order to build a comprehensive and useable WIKI that will help introduce the Erasmus+ colleagues to our topic.  The data you will provide can be in note form, in small paragraphs, in pictures, charts, tables, diagrams, whatever works best to get the information across.  Some tables are started for you, however you can add others.

    Remember to put the URLs of the sites where you found your information. You can put this in a footnote if you go to Insert and choose ‘footnote’.

    Also, please sign your contribution, eg. ‘Mary, DK’.

    Your will construct your WIKI on Google Docs.  In order to get to the Google Docs page, click on 'Introduction' below.  The topics you will be covering are listed below as well.


    Here is a 10-part video, a very well-known one, all about the war. You can of course find the most relevant aspects to view.  It covers just about everything!

    Here is another video where the producers have added color and sound to footage from the time.  It is a bit amateurish, but the color-added makes quite an immediate impression, especially since we will be visiting some of the places shown in the film.


    I. Introduction to WWI in general:

              A.  A brief look at the causes of the war


    B.  The belligerents and Technology: how technologically advanced were these powers?  See table.


    C.  The course of the War: 


    KEY BATTLES - winners and losers table

    CASUALTIES – table

    TECHNOLOGIES – table