Module 5: Transforming Europe through Artistic Visions of War and Peace

  • Choose three of the following tasks in order to prepare for our

    Erasmus WWI Art Week in 2018. 

    1. Art before WWI

    Do research on either paintings or sculptures or architecture or design before WWI and write about it on eTwinning.

    2. Art of WWI

    Post a picture of a WWI sketch, painting or war poster and write an analysis on eTwinning.

    3. Post-War and Anti-War Art

    Find an example of post-WWI or anti-war art and write a comparison (for example about Art Nouveau graphics or architecture compared to Bauhaus) or compose a creative piece of writing.

    4. WWI and after (visit to an art museum)

    Write about a visit to an art museum (include photos or videos if possible) and give background info on the movement (Expressionism, Dadaism, Cubism etc.) presented in the exhibition chosen.

    5. Art Work

    Produce a piece of art inspired by your research on the period and upload a picture of it to eTwinning.