2.1 Task 4: Kipling: Material



    Wikimedia Commons

    (1) UK. Step into your place. English propaganda poster by the Parliamentary Recruiting Committee, London, shows a column of soldiers marching into the distance, while being joined in the foreground by men in a variety of civilian attires, 1915.

    (2) USA. H. R. Hopps (1869-1937). Destroy this Mad Brute. 1917. A giant ape with Pickelhaube represents the German army; the kidnapped woman, stands for the German-occupied neutral Belgium.

    (3) Belgium. Remember Belgium--Buy bonds--Fourth Liberty Loan / Ellsworth Young. German soldier, wearing pointed helment, leading girl by hand, with city burning in background. Young, Ellsworth, artist. Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division Washington, D.C. 20540 USA

    (4) Australia. A WWI poster showing a nurse, with her arms outstretched, standing before a large red cross; in background a Red Cross hospital ship, ambulance and field hospital. Printed by William Brooks & Co. Ltd, Litho., Sydney. 1914 - 1918.

    (5) UK. A British WWI poster saying "Don't waste bread! Save two thick slices every day and defeat the 'U' Boat". Clarke & Sherwell Ltd; Ministry of Food. (In 1917 bread was rationed after hundreds of merchant ships carrying food and ammunition were sunk.)

    (6) Ireland. World War I recruitment poster featuring Irish war hero Michael O'Leary (1890-1961, 1915. Artist unknown.

    (7) Italy. Giovanni Capranesi (1852-1921). Sottoscrivere al presto (Signed quickly). The allegory of Italy, a woman dressed in armor, the city battlements and the flag of Italy fights with her sword the German barbarians from the north from which comes murdering and burning over the mountains.