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    and the following list of "Ten Things to Bring to Germany".


    When packing for Germany, make sure you take

    1) warm clothes and winter shoes

    (It's 2 degrees in Essen right now. Not exactly the time for belly tops and flip-flops ;-),

    2) fancy conference clothes

    (Don't' break the dress code, though, or you might be asked to belly-dance in the conference room. Not kidding.),

    3) indoor sneakers for the surprise session in the gymnasium on Tuesday morning

    (No, it's not belly-dancing. Stop asking, it's a surprise.),

    4) a small rucksack or bag

    (for spare clothes and other stuff you might want to take to town on Tuesday.),

    5) ice skates (optional)

    (We may go skating on Tuesday if the weather is good - and if you promise not to break a bone.),

    6) a cool party outfit


    For class visits on Thursday it would be great if you could bring

    7) some photos of your school/town/country,

    8) maps of Poland or a Polish school atlas

    (only if you feel strong enough to carry an atlas all the way from Poland to Germany).


    Don't forget that

    9) your host family might like a tiny little present

    (It doesn't need to cost much; it's the gesture that counts!).

    10) you won't survive without tons of sweets

    (I literally mean 'tons', 'cause you'll need them to bribe your fellow delegates ;-).