4.2 Creating a short stop motion about your app using PPT

  • Task: Present your app based on the Europeana picture you searched for at the beginning of the project.

    How does it work?



    You can upload your STOP MOTION creations on the Twinboard below with a short description of what it is about. NOTE. The files are first uploaded in Materials and then transferred to Twinboard


    Mikail-Ecole Capucines,Charleville Mezieres,France

    I think ,French Revolution is one of the most important action that changed the history.

    Osman Akay-Capucines,Charleville Mezieres,France

    For me 1989 The fall of the Berlin Wall is the most outstanding historical event of that century.

    Katerina Yan. - 27th G. Lyceum of Athens, GR

    The stop motion ppt presents the app SafePass, which could have provided its users with safety during the period of the Greek junta. The picture is taken from Europeana.

    Alexandros Petrake 27th General Lyceum of Athens, GR

    Now, no one remains uninformed! With LiFind not only are you getting instant updates on what's going on around the nation, but you are also helping yourself and other people survive hard totalitarian times! The image (Europeana collections) is from the Rolling Stones Concert in Athens in 1967, that was disrupted by the police and led to numerous arrests.

    Katerina Yan, 27G.Lyceum of Athens, GR

    ..And here is the stop motion about the SAFEPASS device in automatic presentation (gif)!

    Andrei Girjan , "National College Petru Rareș" Romania

    I believe that the execution of the Ceausescu changed history.

    Semiye Durmaz école capucines -France

    I believe that the second world war is the most important event that affected the whole people in the world.

    Gamze Ertekin Ecole Capucines,France

    the European Union is the one of the most important historical event

    Aziz Yıldız Ecole Capucines,France

    I think that Second World War has changed and impacted the world a lot.

    Amanda Aslanai, 27th G. Lyceum of Athens,GR

    1973. The police are getting ready for an attack outside the American Embassy (photo from Europeana). A passerby is warning about the danger via a digital walkie talkie..if it only existed back then!
    I also converted the ppt into slides.Here is the link.https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/e/2PACX-1vRNjeOT0tNRBDip6vUKsh8NsAb2oYi6XPMIxPcFRJJw-Xi2BAlFJIJ95qpe06Lnx9BCj0pdXj3iZBBF/pub?start=true&loop=true&delayms=350

    Morar Matteo "National College Petru Rareș" Romania

    If the world had used the "Magnet Dictator" application, perhaps World War II would not have existed, and so the Americans would not have used the nuclear bomb in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

    Gabriela Giaoupi,27th G. Lyceum of Athens,GR

    Sharing information and communicating via our app could defeat any authoritarian regime and liberate people. An Italian poster-found in Europeana-of solidarity to the Greek people suffering from the junta rule back in 70s...And this is the link of the converted ppt to slides.https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/e/2PACX-1vQFoUsup84qGb2JuNoJ0-DgP9kFvBnlI8FhvYs8XzAgOmAgFza6whxHLDFfEK9-7hxUIUKANR1ZR_kx/pub?start=true&loop=true&delayms=450

    Ilincaș Oana Andreea, National College "Petru Rareș", Romania

    I believe that the possibility of chaanging the past would have changed us as human beings for a long time.

    Pop Bianca, National College ,,Petru Rares " , Romania

    Help with the education children needed (but didn't get it because they had nowhere to receive it)

    Aggelos Terpo, 27th G. Lyceum of Athens, GR

    This is a caricature poster (found in Europeana's Contemporary Social History Archives)
    published in the Red Mole, which was a revolutionary internationalist paper in the 70s and depicts the American interference into the establishment of the military junta in Greece. The today technology could definitely reveal the conspiracies and let the truth shine.

    Aggelos Terpo, 27 G.Lyceum of Athens. GR

    Another format of my stop motion which was first created in a power point . So, here it is the Europeana caricature poster also created in a gif image.

    Ioanna Seranidi, 27th G. Lyceum of Athens, GR

    This a poster from Europeana's Contemporary Social History Archives with the slogan Zastavte teror v recku=Stop the terror in Greece. The idea is:Let people know (via WarnieTalkie) what is happening in Greece and show your solidarity. An invention that could change Greece's history!

    Júlia Domenech INS RONDA
    Jose Luis Moral, Caty Buj i Ivan Àrias. INS Ronda - Lleida, Spain Savior robots

    Year 1993. Robots stop the nazi regime and prevent the massacre.


    Yeat 1980, the water motorbike is in the sea.

    Judit abert i Montse grasset Ins ronda lleida

    a drone formerly changed the wold

    Liliana Piper/ Diego Romero

    technology is advancing very fast. The car's gp's would be an example.

    Denís Serra 2n INS Ronda

    A helicopter tries to save lives

    NOELIA SUAREZ. INS RONDA, Catalonia, Spain.

    The technology is amazing. Nowadays when we want to take a photo, we take several, from different perspectives, and we are left with the one we like the most. Previously, they only made one and there were no other options to choose from.
    That is what I wanted to capture in my presentation.

    Asmaa Belahbib. INS RONDA, Catalonoia, Spain.

    Before people did not have the way to communicate with their family or take photos with loved ones, they were totally isolated in the middle of the civil war, although there were telephones but at most one per house, so in the presentation there are several cell phones.

    Jose Luis Moral, Caty Buj and Ivan Arias_INS Ronda

    What about strange artifacts that liberate the Jewish population from their oppression in the Nazi era?

    David Bernaus-INS Ronda

    Nature, technology and history

    Júlia Cabezas-INS Ronda

    Skates that take a leap from the past to the present

    Maria Amenterrou-INS Ronda

    A bike ride through our history

    Gimeh Camara and Marta Castellnou-INS Ronda

    Drones assessing the wreckage of the second world war

    Xènia Navarro and Òscar Molina_INS Ronda

    Reproduction of a bomb drop during the Spanish Civil War

    Roser Seuma-INS Ronda

    Soldiers on horseback replaceable by electric cars

    Sekou Marega-INS Ronda

    The city after the destruction

    Laia Villafranca-INS Ronda

    Looking at the future from the present

    FreeApp - 2B PNE IIS P. Sraffa

    Spartacus wanted to make slaves free, FreeApp would have changed history and make him win. Slavery and every sort of restriction of freedom would have ended a long time ago

    Pawanpreet and Paola - 2^A TST- IIS "P.Sraffa"- Crema

    Everyone in their own small way can help, but love can save us. Together we will make it, we will put on the mask.