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    Task 3: we are already past the first days or month of school. How have you and your school changed due to the epidemic? Do you think we can benefit from such a terrible worldwide problem? Add your thoughts to the twinboard.

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  • How are you studying at the moment?
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  • Has the pandemic brought any positive changes? Have we learnt from it both on a personal and on a broader level?

    Katerina Yan. - 27th G. Lyceum of Athens, GR

    Despite all the unpleasant things the pandemic has caused, it has also brought some positive changes. In my judgment, most people are now aware of the importance of their actions, the value of solidarity, mutual support, compassion, and collective responsibility. In these difficult times, we have come to understand that it is crucial to protect ourselves first and foremost, but also those around us. Also, due to quarantine, a lot of people have realized how important human contact is, and how vital it is to spend time with their beloved and that the personal and social level are interdependent.

    Gabriela Giaoupi,27th G. Lyceum of Athens GR

    Yes,the pandemic has brought positive changes on my life.Since we were trapped into our homes for quite a long time,this whole situation made me become more mature and think that our future will not be an easy path.I feel insecure but at the same time I know that I should always look forward to the future with optimism and make the best choices.Such as take all precautions,care for my health and those around me and not let all depression overwhelm my life.

    Amanda Aslanai, 27th G. Lyceum of Athens,GR

    Strangely enough, facing Covid-19 has brought some positive changes to people's lives. First and foremost, many people esp elderly ones learnt how to use technological devices such as mobile phones, computers and tablets that helped them to communicate. Moreover , the pandemic made the world greener because due to quarantine, people were obligated to stay home. As a result, they did not use their cars very often so the CO2 emissions were reduced, so pollution was decreased as well and this has improved everybody's health. Furthermore, street crimes such as assaults and robberies were limited because of the lockdown. As far as I am concerned, I believe that like many people we have learnt to appreciate every moment of our life , take care of others and also this situation has made us more responsible personalities.

    Aggelos Terpo, 27th G. Lyceum of Athens, GR

    COVID-19 has utterly altered our habits and one could possibly claim that those changes have nothing but negative repercussions for the future of our community. But why should we always think negatively? It is high time we started seeing those changes a bit more optimistically. First and foremost, the pandemic has made the majority, conscious and scrupulous when it comes to safety and hygiene. For instance, it is indubitable that we should always wash our hands after returning home from outside. Furthermore, overcrowding is, for our safety, prohibited. Almost everything, has taken a more technological point of view, such as distance learning and working from home. Finally, during quarantine, nature took an exhilarating “breath” and a chance to make headway. All in all, an optimistic point of view can give us hope for a better tomorrow.

    Alexandros P., 27th G. Lyceum of Athens, GR

    It’s been a “wonderful”(!) year so far and I feel like 2020 will be a long remembered year for us who lived it. Many things have changed around us. In school students have to practice social distancing for the well-being of everyone, wear masks for long periods of time, in order to prevent further spreading of the disease and break times are no longer the same for everyone. The pandemic has forced us to find other ways of living our daily lives. For instance, during the lock-down,  the “web-school” platform enabled us to take part in classes from the comfort of our homes. Nevertheless, the widespread fear and depression cannot go unnoticed. Regardless of all this, there should be a silver lining in this black cloud as well. For me, the pandemic *specifically the lock-down* has helped me get to know myself a bit better and also think over my future.

    Ioanna Seranidi, 27th G. Lyceum of Athens, GR

    Even though the pandemic has caused a lot of unpleasant issues, some positive changes have come up. First of all, it helped our planet breathe from exhaust gas and contamination . This was due to the minimal use of transport and the stopping of industries, since citizens were not able to work or go outside their homes. At the same time, we all learned to live healthier to prevent the spread of Covid-19 through some simple habits. In addition, as a result of the lockdown, the crime rate has fallen dramatically. Last but not least, people of all ages have learned to use technology for their own benefit and respect it as an important tool. All in all, I believe that a problem can not only bring misfortune, but also offer us something pleasant in the end. As for me, I learned how to discipline to rules!

    Marilena Panteli, 27th G. Lyceum of Athens, GR.

    From my point of view the pandemic of covid-19 has no doubt changed our lives once and for all. However, leaving aside all the terrible consequences and the fear this situation has brought, we may find some positive changes considering the amount of free time we had. Many chose to take a step back and think and focus on the improvement of their mental health. Personally, quarantine has been a chance to escape from my stressful everyday life. I was able to relax,to meditate, to discover my talents and alternative ways to keep myself busy. I hope that there are more people like me that are able to see some light in the darkness the virus has spread.

    Dora Athanasiadi, 27th G. Lyceum of Athens, GR

    Although the most of us have combined the pandemic of Covid-19 with the feeling of isolation and alienation, due to this situation we had the opportunity to find out a lot of aspects of our life that we could never discover otherwise. During the difficult period of the quarantine we got closer to our family and friends and we devoted ourselves to our favorite interests and hobbies. In that way we learnt to appreciate more the value of what we own and we understood the significance of the individual liability and the respect to other people.

    David Bernaus - INS Ronda, CAT

    Althought all the bad things of the pandemic I think It has brought everyone a little ineer peace. Also contribuiting to build good and healthy habits. And making stronger family laces. Thank you

    Roser Seuma, -INS RONDA, ES

    This pandemic gave me a chance to spend more time with my son. We were able to enjoy activities we had never done before and it gave us a chance to reinvent ourselves.
    We have had many moments of calm and reflexion but also of missing friendships and family.
    New technologies have helped us to cope with the situation.

    Judit Pons- INS RONDA

    From my point of view the pandemic of Covid-19 has brought some positive changes to people's live. First of all, has made majority concious when it comes to safety and hygiene. Such as take all precautions,care for my health and those around me and not let all any depression overwhelm my life.

    Xavier Carles, Ins Ronda, CAT

    the pandemic has positively affected in a few areas but in some yes, I have been able to exercise at home, socialize more with the family and well then be more with them as I am living outside the home.

    Ivan Àrias - INS Ronda, CAT

    Now I value my family and friends much more. I live the present hoping for a better future.

    Mireia Garcia-INS Ronda-Catalonia-Spain

    I would like to say that my experience during confinement due to covid-19, is that I have learned that I really like the work I am doing. This consists of caring of people in need to care in a nursing home. In these difficult time I am spending many hours at work and I didn’t care, There were days when I was working 15 hours and I went to work happy, knowing that my work was profitable and necessary for society.

    Júlia Domènech

    This pandemic I learn how to cook better and also Mari's Kondo strategy. I spended time with my parents and my pets.
    In these difficults times I had time to watch movies, series and I dyed my hair a couple of times.
    And the most important thing is that I had time to be with myself.

    Maria Amenterrou-INS Ronda-Catalonia-Spain

    I have learned to be patient with the pandemic and i have highly valued freedom ,and the importance of family support

    Jose Luis Moral - INS Ronda, CAT

    The pandemic has brought some positives changes. I understand this moment as a time of changes. The times of changes takes opportunities. Maybe is our moment.
    Personally, i got a job this summer. Now i values my family and friends more, and little things that apparently we don't values as health and future.

    Ivan Marín López, INS Ronda, Catalonia

    During the isolation I had a job opportunity that I did not turn down. That's just one of the positive things the pandemic has brought me. The most important and significant thing for me was being able to spend more time with my family.

    Gimeh Camara- Ins Ronda Catalonia(Spain)

    During the quarantine the only positive thing that I took with me is that while I was working I did not spend money since I could not. Everything else has been negative because I could not see family or be with friends. I have learned to be alone and to know myself.

    Denís Serra INS Ronda Catalonia Spain

    The positive of the pandemic that has happened to me has been,
    being able to have more savings and not spend it on the unnecessary.
    I have also learned to know how to enjoy the beach with friends in a pool, petanque and not always the girls go alone, if not all together.
    On holiday take advantage of of the family, share moments with them without having that utilise the telephone.

    Liliana Piper, Diego Romero - INS RONDA, Catalonia

    From my point of view the pandemic of Covid-19 has changed our lives in all fields. However, the pandemic have positive changes for example: more time with family.
    We learnt from it both on a personal and on broader level positively because we better value the really important things.

    The pandemic will not stop us!

    Sekou Marega - INS Ronda - Lleida, Catalonia (Spain)

    During the quarantine I learned to spend more time with the family and have a deeper and more intense relationship with them, since before we did not have such a close relationship, I also learned to work from home.

    Denís Serra-INS Ronda Catalonia Spain


    Lili Piper and Diego Romero-INS Ronda Catalonia Spain

    Hope for the future!

    Noelia Suarez. Ins Ronda, Catalonia, Spain.


    During the quarantine, I realized how much I loved my family and that I wanted to do many more things with them and make the most of my time.
    I also did sports, listened to a lot of music, also learned a lot of new things through the internet.

    I learned to value many things that previously I did not value.

    SASU SABATÉ FRANCO- INS RONDA, catalonia,spain

    Confinement has caused covid 19, it has brought about positive changes in my life.
    We have been locked in our homes for a long time, this whole situation made me mature and think that our future will not be an easy one. Neither at the level of the studies we were pursuing, nor at work to find work. At the same time, I know that I will have to look forward to the future with optimism and make the best decisions, for example, take all precautions, take care of my health and those around me and not let any depression that can cause this issue of covid affect me in my life.

    Marta Castellnou, Ins Ronda, Catalonia.

    The positive things the pandemic have given me are that I am able to get the car theory test as I had had never time to get into it.
    I am able to spend more time with my family, cooking, exercising, and so on.
    I was also able to save and it went very well since in July I took a trip with my friends.
    I prefer not to be confined but being there hasn’t made me as hard as it seemed.

    Pop Bianca, Petru Rares National College , Beclean, Romania

    It was a thought year for everyone. For many people was a change to get close with their families. For others maybe it was horrible, sad,that brought just bad stuff. I hope everyone is good, be positive and STAY SAFE !!! This was a break from monotone life,we had a chance to realize what going on. In my case ,in this pandemic i realized what i want to do in my future.

    Ilincaș Oana Andreea, "Petru Rareș" National College

    I think everybody feel like a prisoner in this pandemic. We feel like we trapped inside in our house which now we realize how important it is to communicate with our famillies. We have everything but not freedom, and this make we feel wothless and sad. Everyday we have the same routine and it's getting really boring and annoying. For me this pandemic was a challenge. It challenged me to try to focus more on myself and work on myself as a person fot the future. While everyone was watching the media, I tried to avoid the news as much as posible. The truth is this period helped us even if there are a few things we miss.

    Sofia Daniele, 2BPNE Sraffa Crema

    In my opinion the pandemic hasn't brought abaut positive changes.
    On a personal level from the pandemic i realized that in life anything can happen,a few years ago i never thought that a pandemic world come so large as to affect the whole world.
    Broadly i belive that we have understood that it. Is always better to be careful, and i belive that we must safeguard our health which is the most important thing

    Greta Campagnari 2BPNE IIS SRAFFA ITALY

    In my opinion yes because with the lockdown and closure of all industries that pollute, the Earth breathed

    Stelios P. - 27th Lyceum of Athens, GR

    Possible positive consequences of the pandemic:
    1. A ton of spare time during the lockdown(s), making for a good chance to pick up a new skill/hobby or invest on a pre-existing one
    2. A lot of time with ourselves and our uninterrupted thoughts, which can be really difficult at times, but is a great chance to self-reflect and improve
    3. Deeper appreciation of everything we had pior to the pandemic and were deprived of in its duration (social contact, free movement etc.)
    4. Development of reliable digital platforms and services in many sectors of our lives
    5, Strengthening of healthcare systems

    Althea Guerini 2B pne I.P. Sraffa Crema

    1. For me yes, for exampole the lack of going to school, the need to see friends or just the need to give a hug to a relative.
    2. The Corona Virus 19 made me stronger and made me undestand the meaning of life. In general it has caused a lot of fear among the people especially the elderly. We were impressed to see the streets of our cities empty and not do everything we do every day.

    Andrei Girjan , Petru Rares National College , Beclean, Romania

    I learned how much freedom means.

    Antonis Zorpidis, 27th G. Lyceum of Athens, GR

    While the Covid-19 pandemic strikes, various changes are being made and feelings such as fear and helplessness conquer the minds of millions of people. Despite the apparent drawbacks, this global confinment had a positive outcome as well. Personally, staying at home for so long, gave me the opportunity to bond more with my family and to focus more on my own self-improvement too, by discovering new hobbies such as film photography. And by spending time on my mental health.
    On a broader level, I believe that this pandemic has first and foremost helped dramatically reduce the air polluting emissions and the crime rate due to the aversion of unnecessary commute. In addition, it has helped raise awareness regarding the consequences of our actions.
    Therefore, the important next step in my opinion, is that we should not stop getting better at things once this whole pandemic thing is over.

    Yıldız Erdoğmuş-L'ecole Capucines-Charleville Mezieres-France

    According to reports of The Unesco Pandemic showed us that life is very fragile and we had a chance to put ourselves into the shoes of handicapped students who get their education at homes with the distance learning or other ways and the other thing that The pandemic taught us that for many years we teach at schools as a subject of Values-sharing,caring empathizing ,understanding etc. but during those days we have experienced all those values because of corona virus with real first hand experiences.

    The pandemic

    The pandemic has brought responsibility to us all
    We have learned to pay more attention to the rules and sociality with people has changed


    The pandemic of the Coronovirus brought many negative effects and changed our lives.
    We were deprived of our freedom since we were not able to move freely and without
    wearing a mask. Many people lost their jobs and many businesses were forced to close. The
    worst thing is that many people lost their lives.
    However, just as every negative situation hides something positive in it, so it happened in this
    case as well. After we had to be locked inside our houses, we spent time and got to know our
    family better. Equally important, which we usually ignore, is that we have had the opportunity to
    spend time with ourselves and get to know us better.

    Maria, Pentapoli Serres Greece

    This pandemic has brought negative things globally but also on a personal level. Looking at the bright side, this pandemic has brought us closer and made us realize how important contact with other people is and I realized how important it is to see my relatives and friends. During the quarantine, we’ve seen dramatic changes in the environment. The atmosphere is cleaner due to the reduced movement of citizens by cars. But the most important part is that we would not achieve anything if we did not act with attention and responsibility and realize that we should not only think of ourselves but also of other human beings.

    Elizabeth - Pentapoli Serres Greece

    This pandemic affected so many people in many different ways, positive and negative too. Despite all the
    negative things like the many deaths all over the world and people losing their jobs, it brought positive
    things too. For example understanding the value of how important it is to keep safe and protect ourselves and our
    loved ones. Personally, I prefer not go out that often and I stay at home, spending more time with my family. In the past,
    we used to see each other only for dinner because of how busy we were. So with this pandemic
    we have learned a lot, on a personal and on a broader level. In conclusion we should not focus on the negative
    things and think that after all of this we will get out stronger and better.

    Pawanpreet Kaur and Grejsi Aga - 2^ A TST- IIS "P. Sraffa"-Crema-ITALY

    In the past year, we have had the opportunity to be close to our loved ones and friends but it's no longer possible because of the epidemic period. The positive aspect is that we have had the opportunity to appreciate and reflect on how important it is to be close to our loved and friends.


    In all this difficult situation in which our country and the whole planet are, apart from the negatives, there are also positive things. During the quarantine period, we necessarily spend a lot of time at home and so we got closer to our family. Also, the environment can be positively affected by this situation as mobility is limited and we can not pollute it. And now let's look at some negative things in this pandemic. First we can't hang out with our friends and have a good time, as we did before.Then, staying at home can affect our psychology negatively especially if you are an extroverted person. However, if this situation eventually ends, we will be able to do what we could before!

    Chronis-Greece, Serres

    While Corona virus has brought a plethora of disadvantages, there are a lot of benefits that should definitely be taken into consideration. For instance, during this unprecedented situation we spend more time with our family. Moreover, as the world went into lockdown due to the terrible threat of the coronavirus crisis, the environment breathed a sigh of relief. Furthermore, a lot of people learnt to take care of their personal hygiene.

    Stefanos Pentapoli Serres

    To begin with, everything has two sides. Although many people see only the negative side of COVID-19 (which I personally think is bigger than the positive) there is a silent positive side. All this time we were quarantined we didn't pollute the environment so much. For sure it was polluted because many people moved for their jobs or something else but it didn't affect the pollution in a big way. Also due to the lockdown many animals were safe from hunters or from companies who destroy their house and cut the woods. Another important aspect is that we came closer with our families and spent a lot of time with them and I am sure that many people where tired so they found a way to rest. Last but not least, the coronavirous pandemic made me stronger and now I feel lucky and grateful for what I have.

    Despina Pentapolis Serres Greece

    Surely, the most optimistic thing would be that this pandemic, which has a beginning and has no end, did not enter our lives. Ιt has also brought about many positive changes in our lives and the way we think. Many families were given the opportunity to unite and busy parents found time to spend with their children and play their real role. Finally, we understood the need for individual responsibility and hygiene as well as respect for fellow human beings.

    Christos Pantapoli Serres

    The last 7 months our life's are different because of the virus. This virus have some negative and some positive things. The positive things in this situation is that many people came close with their families because we are all day closed in the house and we saw our parents every day and we have the time to see them some other things that make students feel good is that they don't went to school for months and chilling in their homes with lot of f

    Lilo pentoli serres

    The positives of coronavirus are that we spend more time with family and doing things together.
    Coronavirus has been good for the environment, reducing travel has benefited them from using less fuel such as gasoline and diesel so we have less emissions of gaseous pollutants into the atmosphere.
    This is how climate change is slowly changing.

    Marco guerci 2bpne sraffa italy

    for me yes, because it made me understand the importance of family and to spend more time with them instead of friends

    Eleftheria, Pentapolis Serres

    In general, the pandemic of the Coronovirus has brought dramatic changes in our lives, but it also has many advantages. One of them is that in quarantine we spent several hours with our families, something we could not do during the year. In addition, almost all people after all this will be able to take better care because this pandemic also gives us some lessons on how to protect ourselves.


    I think that despite the negatives things that the pandemic caused it brought a lot of positive changes
    such as we improved relationships because we spent more time with our families every day.Also we
    learn to use better the applications for the online classes. On the other hand we stopped pollute our earth
    while we were on lockdown because we didn't make movements without reason.

    Stergios, Pentapolis Greece

    I believe the pandemic has some positive effects. Personally, I was more closed to myself and I understood myself in difficult situations such as that of the virus. I also think we all spent more time with our family. Furthermore, most of us have learned to be disciplined and to follow the measures. Finally, we all made a joint effort to curb the virus and we succeeded to some extent.


    personally it made me pay more attention to hygiene in general but I think it was a signal that made us understand not to joke with the world and its problems

    Lungo Italo 2BPNE

    ritengo che la pandemia abbia aiutato a farci apprezzare di più le piccole cose che si vivono in famiglia , a dare importanza ai valori semplici e ai legami più veri. Per esempio una delle cose che ho apprezzato tantissimo è stato cucinare.
    I believe that the pandemic has helped to make us appreciate more the small things that are lived in the family, to give importance to simple values ​​and to the truest bonds. For example, one of the things I really enjoyed was cooking.

    Ericla Feo

    yes;this pandemic has brougth me somethingpositive; that is, made me realize that the adress i wasdoing was the wrong one and therefore i realized that i had to change my adress and i did the food and wine

    Anna Chalantzouka Panou school Nafpaktos Greece

    It’s likely that all of us experienced the imposition of lockdown as a shock to the system, whether it made us feel lonely or anxious or driven to distraction. But while physically distanced, the internet and social media have allowed us to reach into each other’s homes over the past weeks. Social relationships for many seem not to have suffered. They have also allowed us to explore hobbies and interests we might never have had before – like the people turning to social media to solve real-life mysteries from their homes.Many of us are now taking a lot more time and consideration over cooking too. We don't just picking up a microwave dinner from the mini-supermarket on the way back from the office, but actually cooking for ourselves. Generally has made majority how to care for each other and be concious when it comes to safety and hygiene.

    Sofia Kanavou Panou school Nafpaktos Greece

    The coronavirus changed our life and our personalities. Due to the pandemic and the lockdown we managed ourselves to discover interests we might never have had before and to find some activities that we are good. Also we learned how to spend more time with our family, which was an opportunity for us to know them better. Furthermore we understood that we need other people in our lives and that our freedom is valuable.

    Stella Doupoli Panou school Nafpaktos Greece Part 1

    This pandemic, as strange as it may seem, has had plenty positive effects on both a personal and a broader level. To begin with, quarantine was of course extremely boring at times but the silver lining is that everyone finally had the time to occupy themselves with the activities they always wanted. It also provided time and food for thought given the unprecedented situations we all endured and as a result we all had the chance to better ourselves and think about what really matters, like family and friends and not materialistic things. Personal growth is extremely important and I would like to believe that everyone learnt to treat people with kindness and the value of unity, since the entirety of the world had to face this deadly virus.

    Stella Doupoli Panou school Nafpaktos Part 2

    This unexpected and terrible crisis resulted in a dramatic change of our habits, due to the general lockdown imposed in most countries. However, this epoch of limited economic activity and reduced people and goods circulation, signaled, as academic studies have shown, a new era of genesis for our physical environment. Hence, people may not be having the time of their lives right now but we should always focus on the bright side of unpleasant situations.

    Zoi Limperi Panou school Nafpaktos Greece

    The Covid-19 pandemic has already cost more than 250.000 lives worldwide. However this crisis has brought numerous demonstrations of solidarity towards the most vulnerable. These links between people and organizations will probably remain there.
    Teleworking, where possible, has made it possible to spend more time with the family, to strengthen ties, etc.
    Undoubtedly it would be an omission not to mention the consequences of this situation on the environment. In most countries of the world, containment measures are unprecedented and are forcing a large part of the population to stay at home, which has slowed down the economy and reduced traffic, leading to a decrease in air pollution.

    affatati beatrice 2Bpne

    Despite all the negative changes the pandemic has brought on a personal and global level, one thing I have learned personally is that we cannot take anything for granted: from a meal with parents to a Saturday night spent with friends; everything is special.
    Actions are also important, from the smallest to the largest; we must protect ourselves and others around us. Absolutely positive is the fact of the reunited family, from larger families to just mother and child, there is always something nice to do, I love playing with my brother, even the most trivial things. We will certainly emerge victorious from this tragedy

    Tricomi Rosario 2’B PNE sraffa Crema 2020

    My opinion is that the pandemic has brought positive factors to the environment and made us think about our ideas of Igene, it has made us learn to abide by the rules more and to take care of ourselves and protect the high people.

    Eleni Kaliabakou Panou school Nafpaktos Greece

    It’s easy to lose your hopes and brood over the negative side effects of any event, especially when as a community we’re battling a global pandemic. But it is important to understand what the positive impacts are. First of all this situation helps as Build Genuine Relationships.
    You get to spend your time with your family and plan your work better. Also personal work done from home, with more concentration, without distractions, acquires value. As life slowed down, we have found ways to stay connected with people, even if it’s virtually. Reconnect with our loved ones and retrospect. This actually helps as build a better future for both our work and family. A remarkable positive consequence of the coronavirus seems to be the reduction of crime around the world from research. Overall, crime has dropped by 25% since the pandemic hit the planet.

    Panagiotis Papakostopoulos Panou school Nafpaktos Greece

    Thanks to COVID-19, I am also now more able to spend quality time with my family. In normal times, I had found it difficult to stay at home because I spend my time at school, even on afternoon for afterschool lessons, just so I can feel productive. But now I have a different perspective on spending time at home. The novel coronavirus crisis gives us the opportunity to improve ourselves in more ways than one, and it is up to us to choose whether or not we take up that opportunity. Instead of seeing it as just a disaster, we should see it as a wakeup call telling us that we need to revise our lifestyles and choices, and think about how they serve or damage us, and the society around us.

    Girjan Andrei , Petru Rares National College , Beclean, Romania

    In the pandemic I learned how important health is.

    Riccardo D.L.- G. Peano Rosa- Nereto

    The pandemic has certainly brought positive things like the reduction of environmental pollution and also if you spend more time at home, fewer animals die because hunting is impossible.

    I learned a lot from this pandemic: above all that you have to be very careful and you always have to be cautious, I spent a lot of time with my family being locked up at home and I rediscovered the beauty of the family.


    The pandemic taught people to pay more attention to hygiene and to respect the rules.It made us more responsible.I think that this pandemic has changed the life of a lot of people and now I hope I will return to normal or better than before.

    Hafssa A. (G. Peano-C. Rosa, Nereto)

    The pandemic has only brought chaos in the world... hundreds of thousands of deaths. At the beginning it took only the elderly, now also the young, especially people of my age. Three months in quarantine, locked up as if we were prisoners, everything was closed: schools, shops, markets, restaurants, gyms, shopping centers, public parks, haidresser, bars ... School continued online for us, a situation where no one could follow well; we could not go and visit the relatives or our friends, nobody could see each other or touch each other. During the summer the cases dropped, we could go out, be with whoever we wanted to... now we go to school with masks, distant from each other and no one can touch each other. So if anyone ever asks me if the pandemic has brought about any positive changes this is my answer.

    MİKAİL SAVAŞ,Ecole Capucines,France,Charleville Mezieres

    For me the addiction to use of dijital tools and internet usage has been improved and increased a lot so the new ilnesses such as FOME- Fear of missing out has appeared

    Semiye Durmaz,Ecole Capucines, Charleville Mezieres,France

    when I compare today and past ,with the increased use of internet and digital tools have created the modern digital sickness such as NOMO-NON OF MOBILE OF.Because many people are addicted to their mobile phones.

    Medine Tiryaki,Ecole Capucines, France, Charleville Mezieres,

    With the help of Pandemic we have realized the importance of family relations and every second that we shared together and importance of unique time that we spent together

    Gamze Ertekin ,France,Charleville Mezieres,Ecole Capucines

    we have just understood that the health is the most important thing in this life.

    MİKAİL savaş,Ecole Capucines,charleville Mezieres FRANCE

    I have learnt how to keep my studying in a distance learning and I dod my best to improve my competences about digital tools and applications so I have just realized that yes schools is important not only for cognate competences but also for social competences and schools are indispensable sources of learning

    Andy G. Peano C. Rosa Italy

    The pandemic has changed us a lot because we learned that liberty is a very important thing and is not always free. I learned that this situation is very dangerous and we have to pay attention and we have to wear masks for us and for the world. I hope that this situation will end.


    The pandemic has certainly changed the world, it has changed our habits and above all it has limited our freedom. We have certainly learned that prevention is better than cure and in addition we have strengthened health systems.

    Elisabetta ( Peano-Rosa Nereto, italy)

    The pandemic has turned our whole life upside down. We had to stay in lockdown for three months. Nobody could go out, all businesses were all closed and the students continued the lessons online. Everyone must wear a mask and must be at least one meter away. It was a really difficult time I think it will be for a while.

    Anthony (Peano-Rosa, Nereto)

    For me the pandemic has generated positive things, such as greater attention to personal hygiene. I also think that all of us have learned to appreciate the little things that for us were discounted but in this period they are not

    Ernesto - Peano-Rosa, Nereto, IT

    In my opinion every bad thing can bring positive changes like the pandemic did, we only have to learn from them. The pandemic taught us that the internet and working online from home are good options and great tools to use in our time and mostly how our action can influence the world, making us more conscious about all our smaller responsibility.

    Fabio - Peano-Rosa, Nereto, IT

    The pandemic has made us understand that collaborating is useful for us and for others and how important some people can be to us. The pandemic has also led to a reduction in pollution.