5.1 Discovering the European Heritage Label Sites


                            European Heritage Label Sites

    European Heritage Label sites are milestones in the creation of today’s Europe. They focus on the promotion of the symbolic European values and the significant role these sites have played in the history and culture of Europe. Since 2013, these sites have been selected for their symbolic value and the role they have played in European history . These sites bring the European Union and its citizens closer together.

                    Where can we find information about them?

    Click on https://www.etwinning.net/en/pub/newsroom/highlights/etwinning---experiencing-and-l.htm and the image below    



    Here comes the question:

    What would have happened if this heritage  hadn’t survived through centuries? What is the value of the European Heritage Label Sites?

    Let’s work together on the above questions.

    6 sites have been selected –as many as the partner countries in this project. The idea is this. First students complete the questionnaire below and state their preferences. Then international teams are formed to work together on collaborative docs.

    NOTE. Students are going to work on one heritage site with their partners but advisably they state 3 preferences to facilitate the distribution to teams. Besides, students are kindly requested not to choose the site of their country.

    State your preferences on the questionnaire below.

    Deadline: 7 February