1. October

  • Welcome to our project!


                                                About the project

    What are we going to work with thoughout this project?

    MAIN IDEAS:How history could have been different if we had Internet, smart devices back then? What apps could have changed history? Students are invited to design their app based on the Europeana database focusing on a specific historical event. Once the app idea is done, a group from another country has to figure out how the course of events and history would have changed thanks to the application.Besides, the project focuses on exploring and working on the European heritage Label sites as well as capturing the today history.

    The PROJECT CONCEPT is inspired and largely based on the Etwinning associated 'friends", EUROPEANA and the EUROPEAN HERITAGE LABEL SITES

    Below, you can see our PROJECT OUTLINE, including the aims of the project, the outline in pages/monthly tasks, the 4 thematic areas and the participant schools.



    Our digital toolcase as usual is going to be a Symbaloo tile collection with links to all the tasks and suggestion for ICT tools to be used at different sections of the project.