6.1 Our digital time capsule



                                             Time Capsule

    "Time capsule is a container that is filled with objects considered to be typical  of the present period in history and then buried, so that it can be dug up and studied much later." Definition by Cambridge English dictionary

    Throughout our project, we dealt with historic events in various historical eras and how the today technology could have changed the course of history, if it existed back then, What about our present history?How could it be depicted in a digital time capsule?

    So here comes the question:

    If you were to create a digital time capsule to capture history in 2020-2021, what objects would you choose to put inside and what messages would you send to the future generations?

    Task. Click on the Ideaboardz below and add your ideas in the 2 columns. On the left column you write ONE or MORE objects and explain why you have chosen it/them. On the right column, you write your message to the future generations. Do not forget to write your names/cities




    Below you can watch a video with a 2020-21 event review that the 27th General Lyceum of Athens students thought that might be inspiring as regards the messages you will be sending to the future generations.  The video was created by the Greek student Aggelos Terpo in collaboration with the Etwinning students..


    And this is a presentation+video related to events that marked 2020-2021 created by 2B PNE and 2A TST Sraffa Crema,Italian students!




    FINAL PRODUCT. Students' messages to future generations -plus images with objects are collected in the presentation below.