1.3 Brainstorming

  • Task 1. What is the technology that you could not live without today? Add 5 items to this Answergarden. 


    Task 2If you could travel back in time, what historical era or historical event would you choose and why?Provide an image (advisably from Europeana).

    NOTE: As a title, write your name/school/country and then write a short paragraph with your answer.You could also provide a picture depicting the era or historical event you have chosen.


    Padlettel készült

    Task 3. Search for a music video in which either the title or lyrics contain the word 'history' or culture, or one that reminds you of a historical event. Add your ideas to the padlet below with your name and country and give a short description of what it is.


    Task 4. It would be interesting to see all the historic events you have written about on the padlets on a timeline. So, Let's create our timeline. Once, you complete your tasks on the 2 padlets, go to the timeline tool below (just click on the image) and by pressing menu and then edit timeline and then add event, you can add the historic event/historic era you have already described on the padlet related to travelling back in time or to the song you have chosen. Write the date of the historic event with a brief description.

    You will need:


    Password: event2020

    Attention. Do not create a new timeline. Just add your event in the What could have hAPPened and Do not forget to write you name/city/country


     The historic events you have chosen on a Timeline -from Ancient times to modern era!  Well done!

    (See the full image of our timeline on timetoast.com using the above codes)



    Task 5. The Discussion below will transfer you to the FORUM where you can exchange comments with your partners about each other's writings on the padlets.