Democracy & Inspiring Leaders

  • Democracy, democratic participation, elections and inspiring leaders

    Complete the following tasks by March 18th, 2019

    1. Add on the Mentimeter below two words that you can associate with Democracy. What is Democracy? What does it mean?

    2. Add to the Canva the values that you associate with a democratic society. Study European values on the TwinBoard below 

    3. Use the Padlet wall to post Inspiring Leaders from partner countries and the world 

    A. One word for Democracy

    What does Democracy mean? What does it take for a nation to be democratic? Can you express your views using one word?

    Go to and use the code 464747  to add your word. Check out the words your partners have added. Choose two you consider suitable to use for Democracy. Add them to the Mentimeter, too.

    B. Canva of democratic values

    What are the values that make a society democratic? How can we ensure democratic participation? Why is it important to participate in the democratic processes such as elections? Can we make a difference to our country, EU or the world by participating?  Click on the canvas below to add your thoughts. If the canvas does not work, copy the url address below and paste it onto your browser. 

    Use Schoolbell font, size 24, any font color you like

    Democracy & Democratic Values 

     To add democratic values to the canvas click on it or copy and paste the tinyurl ( to your browser . Alternatively, you can use the "Democracy and Democratic Values" Forum to express and discuss your views. 

    The canvas below has been completed with democratic values submitted by the students. To see it in detail click on the image and then click on the two arrows at the bottom of the new window. 



    C. Inspiring Leaders 

    Pupils collect on the padlet below leaders who inspired democratic values in Poland, Spain, Greece and the world. Pupils comment on and react to each other's posts. 

    Support Group: Nikitas, Sandy

  • Resources

    European values

    Pupils study them and add relevant ones to the canva of democratic values

    Values 1

    (extract from powerpoint presentation by Ms Andritsopoulou, School Advisor for EFL)

    Values 2

    (extract from powerpoint presentation by Ms Andritsopoulou, School Advisor for EFL)