Describing the process

  • stamps: a present for our future
    Installation/collective action // key stage 1
    Materials: ink, stryrofoam seets, 3D printed plastic, variable dimensions

    Teaching art in primary school classrooms more often than not tends to produce work that is safely tucked away in school displays and exhibitions. While undoubtedly learning through doing, children as a result take away a notion of art making that is confined within the class or school walls, not directly related to other aspects of life.

    In our current project we created stamps against racism, hatred, bullying and violence in 5 different languages so far, as part of the Me in Time eTwinning project, starting with creating a graffiti on the walls of our school.

    Our school having acquired a 3D printer after winning the European, as well as the National eTwinning award in 2017, is what made this project technically possible.
    More signinficantly however, children of diverse learning needs are having the chance not only to acquire skills in 3d printing, but are also encouraged to get actively involved in making art that gets their own messages across walls and out to the world, as empowered and active contributors.
    Our project is therefore intended as an act of students's active involvement, where they create and articulate the messages they need to impact on the world, the world of their own future.

    Finally, we release our files and make them available to any school/organization/individual with an access to a 3D printer, who wants to spread our message.

    Download link:

    If you use our files, you are more than welcome to send us your images from your own installation.

    Enjoy stamping! :)

    Concept/realization: Dimitris Fotiou, Sculptor - Art teacher
    eTwinning project collaborator: Natalia Tzitzi, Teacher of English
    Schools involved (so far): 10th Helioupolis Primary School, Helioupolis, Attica, Greece // Szkoła Podstawowa nr 9 im. Władysława Łokietka w Sieradzu, Poland // CEIP MATA LINARES, Spain // Atatürk İlkokulu, Istanbul, Maltepe, Turkey
    Text: Maria Tranou, Playwright - Teacher of English