3D print instructions

  • # Print Settings

    Below you can find the details of the 3D printer and Filament that we used. However, any other 3D printer should provide the same results.

    Printer Brand: Ultimaker
    Printer: Ultimaker 2
    Rafts: No
    Supports: No
    Resolution: 0.1
    Infill: 10%
    Filament_brand: Real Filament PLA 2.85mm Grey 1kg
    Filament_color: Grey
    Filament_material: PLA, 2.85mm

    # Post-Printing

    Print the part this way:
    Stamp body: turn it upside down, "Inked side" must be facing top.

    Assemble them with any object of your like to use as a handle. Then start practicing. We used furniture plastic foot plugs for handles. 

    No need for supports.

    We used an Acrylic Primer & Filler spray (acrylic surfactant and primer for cars) to fill in minor imperfections and gaps between the printlines, in order to solidify the stamp print.
    So far, it worked better than any other solution suggested on the internet.

    We used regular PLA filament on styrofoam sheets. Perhaps NinjaFlex works better on real walls, you are welcome to leave a comment if you use NinjaFlex and tell us more about your experience.