• Storytelling

    Tell a  story of (Christmas) past. Pupils share stories about themselves that took place in the past . The story should feature  one ore more of  their favourites things they had when they were very young (4-6 years of age) such as a childrens' book, an outdoor/board game, a toy or food They share their stories (100-150 words) in the FORUM Storytelling (their TG thread). TG Partners choose the story of one international partner to retell using Make Beliefs Comic (creating a comic ).

    Beginning: When, who, where, 

    Main body of the story: what, how, why, turning point (that was the situation but something happened and that changed for the better, for the worse, it changed me or my life)

    End of the story: happy ending, a conclusion, a (funny) comment, a wish, something that ends the story smoothly for the reader

    Post your Christmas story in the Storytelling FORUM under the thread that corresponds to your TG.

    REMEMBER: add a photo of yourself from (Christmas) past. The photos will be used to create a collage of project pupils' photos at the age of 4 or 5. The collage will be used on the "Me in the Past" page

  • What I used to do when I was 4 or 5 (screenshots of the Discussion below)