Project Outline

  • For  “Me in Time”, project pupils are time voyagers who set on exploring … themselves in the past, the present and the future, being creative with conventional and digital tools, studying democracy in theory and practice and (hopefully) reach the maturity of young citizens in a democratic multicultural society.

    Initially, a series of teenage-appropriate ice-breaking activities encourage the students to work autonomously and get to know their international partners.

    “Me in the Past” activities focus on the pupils’ early childhood inviting them to write stories of Christmas past, vote for their favorite ones and transform them into comics through synchronous collaboration.

    In “Me in the Present” phase, creative writing and music make them realize how much they share in common.

    In “Me in the Future”, they resume travelling through time to 2034. They describe their life as professionals and active citizens who  study democracy and its values, share national and international leaders who inspired democratic values and organise mock election in their schools. The elected representatives from the project countries form a transnational working group and in a realistic online meeting, they try to solve real problems. They design multi-lingual active citizenship mottos making the most out of the communication tools and partner school equipment.

    The four phases of the project result in a number of collaborative products project pupils have managed to create together making the most out of ICT tools