Use of Technology

  • Pupils have used a vast number of ICT tools in the project. Some of them they had already known, but some have been totally new to them.

    Vimeo, Youtube

    As part of introduction pupils created short film on their countries, cities and schools using these websites. (page "Partners in Brief")


    The iFunface application was a source of real fun! It engaged pupils because it enabled them to present themselves in a humorous way: in a form of "a talking head" with a funny voice. (page "Introducing with iFunface")

    Online meetings

    For the online meetings we used not only Twinspace but also Skype and Messenger (when technical obstacles occurred). (pages "Ice-breaking Online Meeting", "OMs to collaborate")


    The comics were created in transnational groups (one comic for each group: the winner of the competition for the best Christmas story). Pupils used the website to present visually the winner stories. (pages "Christmas Stories in Comics" and "Collaborative results")


     A collection of Christmas stories from the past was combined into an ebook. (page "Collaborative results")


    This tool was used to collect the pupils' poems about their favourite things. (page "Our Favourite Things" collection of poems)

    Google form

    The Google form was used in the project to: arrange the students in transnational groups (based on their hobbies, interests, expectations concerning the project, etc.), talk about future profession, evaluate the project. (pages "Tell us what you wish us to do", "My Future Job", "Evaluation")


    Pupils have written about their future dream jobs and added their descriptions to Prezi presentation. (page "My Future Job")


    Pupils used to express in one word what democracy means to them. (page "Democracy & Inspiring Leaders")


    Pupils expressed what democratic values they consider the most important using (page "Democracy & Inspiring Leaders")


    All the iFunfaces in which the pupils introduced themselves have been put on a virtual board on Padlet. (page "Democracy & Inspiring Leaders")


    All the photos taken during the mock elections in partner schools were put into a presentation. (page "Mock elections in partner schools")


    All the Christmas stories chosen by the pupils together with the comic strips, vocabulary connected with elections in all the partner languages have been gathered into a virtual dictionary on (pages "Collaborative results" and "Election dictionary (final)")

    Some other ICT tools used in the project:



    windows live movie maker