Me in the Past

  • Project children start a voyage into time and visit their past. They write about past habits, they sing Christmas songs they used to sing and write Christmas stories.

    They start with thinking of preferences they used to have and habits they used to maintain. They talk about them in the "Me in the Past" Forum.

    They also sing a children's Christmas song in their native language and the partners' languages at the ice-breaking online meeting (the process and products of the Singing activity can be found on the "Ice-breaking Online Meeting") 

    Their next step is to write their stories of Christmas past and vote for the one they like best among those submitted by partners in their transnational group. Each group comes up with a story which the group members chat about in order to collaborate and actually turn the story into a comic strip together! After quite a few online meetings, they turn three of the stories into collaborative comic strips. An editing group (Thekleia, Nikitas, Sandy, Harris) collects comic strips and stories in an eBook with Flipsnack and the videos of partners singing Christmas songs in a eBook with Ourboox (see "Collaborative results"

    To trigger the children's memory project teachers ask them to bring to class photos of themselves at the ages of 3 or 4 or 5 focusing mainly on memories related to Christmas.