My Future Job

  • What will my future job be?

    Let's create a presentation of future jobs! 

    (writing text, adding image, posting it in the relevant area on a collaborative Prezi)

    1. Complete the Google Form about the job you like

    2. Answer the questions about yourself

    • Think of your favorite subject/s at school.
    • What are you good at either at school or in your free time?
    • What do you like doing at school or in your spare time?
    • What do you think you can do really well?
    • What do your friends/your teachers/parents think you can do well?
    • What do they consider to be your strong points?
    • Do all these point to your future job?                                                                     

    3. Write a short paragraph about your future job answering the questions above. Justify your choices. Check out useful vocabulary in the file below

    Me, myself&my future job.docx

    4. Post your paragraph on the prezi presentation below. Choose a subject-circle that you consider most appropriate for you. If there ins't one, add it yourself.

    5. Remember to add an image related to your text. You can draw and upload it yourself or you can find one in a creative commons site. (check out TwinSPace page "Free Images")

    6. Editing Group If you can't add your text and image on the Prezi below, go to TwinMail and send both text and image to Anastasis Greek40, Irene Greek14, Vangelis Greek23 and they'll post it for you.