OMs to collaborate

  • Online Meetings to co-create three comic strips

    Pupils meet online three times to collaborate on the creation of three comics based on the stories they had voted for and decided on their titles together during the chat session of their Transnational Groups. 

    After chatting in TGs to decide the number of panels and the title of the story, the pupils need to meet three more times to work on the panels together. 

    Online Meeting 1 - February 22nd, 2019 

    Online Meeting 2 - February 27th, 2019

    Online Meeting 3 - March 6th, 2019


    Initially, each school was assigned a different panel in each one of the stories (see image below) but the arrangements had to be modified and three schools were to work on the comics. Online meetings were rather difficult to arrange since many of them were needed for all the comic ctories to be made so it was decided that three stories would be turned into comics during three online meetings.

    Collaboration and communication were achieved on the Adobe Connect platform but, occasionally, other tools were also employed such as Messenger and Skype.

    Editing Group: Smaragda, Katerina, Sandy, Agapi, Daniel