Cultural heritage sites

  • Here are some presentations of CZ students who took park in end-of-school field trips with their claasmates. They took some photos and added short descriptions. Enjoy!

    Written by Lenka:

    Last week I went on a school trip to Javorník with my class. The 1st day was very long because we traveled 5 hours until we finally arrived at “the end of the world” (konec světa)😀! Next day we went on a hike and the last third day we visited Javorník castle from which we could see a beautiful view. This was also our last school trip in this school year before holidays. I hope you all enjoyed this year and I wish you even better holidays!😁❤




    Download this PDF file made by Vendy about the beautiful South Moravian region where the stunning Lednice castle is situated - UNESCO heritage site.


    South Moravian Region.pdf


    Have a look at this presentation made by Karolina about wonderful snadstone rocks in Bohemia:


  • Here you can upload files, pictures or videos on your own:

    Lednice castle

    Have a look at this masterpiece

    A trip to the Museum of Puck Land

    We tried to have a look an interesting traces from the past in the museum.

    Our trip around the town of Puck

    Our beautiful bay and the nature around makes us feel really comfortable.

    Museum trip

    Some beautiful photos from our wonderful trip to the Museum of Land.

    Our Polish Cultural Herritage

    Poets and writers of our Kashubian region