Day 3

  • Wednesday 24th March 2021 from 8:30 to 13:00

    Lyrics translated by Google:

    Marek Grechuta


    When you see a bird in flight how free it is
    How it flows until the end of heaven
    Know - the sky is sometimes full of winds and storms
    And from the bird's eye view you can't see the roses anymore
    Because freedom is not a goal but an opportunity
    Make the most beautiful dreams come true
    Freedom - this is the brightest of the stars
    A ray of sunshine into the dense forest, hope
    Freedom is a violin whose sound is a miracle
    He can conjure the master toil
    But when a weak player plays them
    You will hear only a squeak, screeching, crying
    Because freedom means to live among wise people
    To see goodness in their eyes and happiness
    Freedom - it is among the life of mountains and clouds
    To know the passage through every forest and wall
    Freedom shines among the branches of great trees
    Which climb into the sun each in its own direction
    Freedom sounds like people's happy laughter
    Who have won their freedom to defend -
    Victory, wisdom, truth and love
    Peace, happiness, health and dignity
    Freedom is a diamond to cut
    And it will shine with an indescribable glow
    Freedom is also the resistance of hearts
    In order not to try to go astray
    Because there are also those who miracle in freedom
    They can mix their doings galore
    We also got to know the Kashubian region, Tricity and Puck where our partner school is situated.
    We watched a video about Poland: