3rd meeting in Slovakia

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    The third short-term student exchange takes place in Martin, Slovakia.

    Video from our stay made by SK team:

    Video about Turiec region:

    Here is the programme:





    Sunday 22.09.



    Arrival of participants







    Welcome speech

    Presentation of Slovak project team

    Presentations –  Martin, Turiec region, Slovakia - geographical, historical, cultural landmarks


    Coffee break


    Participation in lessons

    (students/teachers divided into 3 groups)


    Lunch – school canteen

    Free time (town excursion – students activities)

    2000 – 2100




    800- 1000

    Strečno castle – Žofia Bosniakova´s life and role in the past



    Jánošíkové diery – the Slovak national hero statue - hiking

    1420 – 1600


    Return back to the hotel        Lunch in Čierna pani hotel


    25. 09.2019



    Bojnice castle – significant historical personalities and their roles in society


    Lunch  - Čierna pani - hotel


     Time for the town Martin – shopping – free time



    800- 1100

    The High Tatras – short walk around Štrbské pleso – tarn - lake

    1200  - 1330

    Lunch – Štrba - restaurant


    14 00  2000

    Dobšinká ice cave

    Bešeňová  - aquapark

    Return back to the hotel



    900  - 1200

    Meeting at school – multimedia room (evaluation, news letter, lessons)

    Presentations of one comic of each partner´s school

     Lunch – at the school canteen


    1330  - 1600

    Open-air museum – Skanzen – history, folklor, traditions and habits of Slovak people







    and some useful info:

    ACCOMMODATION – it is a nice hotel called Čierna Pani.

    BREAKFAST is included in the price of your accommodation and it should be served from 7 a.m. or as you wish  - you just have to ask them to serve it at your required time.

    FOOD: in case you have some special needs about food (either yoe are vegetarians, vegans or gluten or lactose free) inform the teachers as soon as possible.

    Concerning LUNCH  – it is paid by our school. In the programme you can see where we are going to have our lunch. It is twice in our school (Monday, Friday). It is also twice at the hotel where you are accommodated (Tuesday, Wednesday) and once on Thursday we eat out.

    Concerning aquapark – it is a thermal water – warm – healing water full of minerals. There are many slides and funny actvities to do. It will be fun! It is planned for Thursday. It is approximately 16 euros per person. If there are some students who do not want to go the the aquapark because of some personal problems/reasons, no problem. They will have to wait for us there for cca 3 hours.

    MONEY: the currency in Slovakia is EURO. If you need to exchange money you can do it in your country but I it is possible to do it here, as well.. All shops, even the small ones, accept credit cards Visa, Mastercard... so you can pay easily with cards. The prices here are quite similar to the prices in your country.

    SAFETY: there is no danger here in Martin but if somebody leaves the hotel especially late in the evening they should always stay in a group, never alone. From my experience in Spain make copies of ID or passports and take only the copies for the trips, leave the originals at the hotel.

    INSURANCE - do not forget to pay for your travel insurance - at least in SK agency they always remind us that it is a MUST. The kids and you as well need to have also the EU insurance card issued by your health insurance company in your country. I hope we will not need neither of them :-)

    PROJECT WORK: - we will work also on our project while being here and it will be exactly on Friday where each of you will present one comic. One for Slovakia, one for Poland, one for Spain, etc. So before coming here, tell students to choose one and prepare to talk about it for 3 – 5 minutes.

    What to bring with you:

    GOOD PAIR OF SHOES – ADIDAS, NIKE, HIKING SHOES – because we will do a little bit of hiking – climbing the ladders

    SPORTIVE CLOTHES – you really do not need smart clothes here in Slovakia – bring comfortable, sportive clothes. Tell your students to put on layers because it can be colder this time in Slovakia (T – shirts, shirts, sweatshirts, light anoraks). Some warm clothes for the visit to the cave where the temperature might be around freezing.

    SWIMSUIT – for the aquapark



    Have a look at our shared Newsletter:

    The results from the questionnaire are here:

    What was the BEST experience this week for you?

    The best experience for me was visiting the ice cave and the AquaPark.

    Janošikove diery

    meet a lot of new people from other countries and explore new places

    Explored new places and meet new people.

    Swimming in Baenova

    I think it was meeting new people. It is always a challenge.

    climbing at janosikove diery and swimming in basenova aquapark

    Talking with new interesting people in english

    the places that we visited

    For me the best experience was visit in Bojnice Castle and hiking in Jánošikové diery.

    Aquapark Bešeňová

    The best experience for me this week was when we went hiking and saw the  ice cave.

    The best experience was the visit of the Bojnice castle and the hiking

    visit Bojnice Castle

    Bojnicky castle

    The places that we had visited

    It is very much experience for mine this week , but visiting lake, castle and

    The best experience at this week for me was spending times with new friends, seen interesting places and learned things about Slovakia.

    We climb a mountain and also I have a  lot of fun making new friends and learning about slovakia .

    I made a lot of new friends and also have a lot of fun for example when we have to climb on ledders in Janošíkovy diery. Every day we have a lot of fun in hotel in the evening. I am also glad that I coud get to now Slovak culture and I find that is really similar to czech culture. I have never been bored, because there is so much things to do. Slovak friends take us to interesting places and made this week incredible and I am glad that I could be here.

    The best experience was probably the Aquapark visit in Bešeňová, because I tried some new activities I´ve never tried before.

    All exchange was amazing but in my opinion the best day with all atration is Thursday , becouse we have fun in Aquapark , and I love a water

    All exchange was amazing, but I think Wednesday was the best day for me, because I love architecture and Bojnice Castle is one of the interesting Castle I ever seen.

    The best experience for mine this week is very much so pretty.

    Friendship, education


    What was the WORST experience this week for you?

    Everything was amazing this week, I didn't have any bad experiences.

    Bojnice castle - interesting but quite boring

    its really hard to find still water

    The water with gas and lemon.

    Dinner on school

    Nothing. I love it all.

    not enough time to sleep haha

    THere wasn´t any bad experience

    In the free time, the Slovak team didn't do activities with the others teams in the afternoon and it was very bored the afternoons

    City game with a Slovak guide.

    Ice cave- it was very cool, but the tour was kinda boring and also you could not hear anything, but the place on its own was very interesting

    I didn"t have any worst experience. Everything was fun ans exiting.

    More plans at the afternoon

    City game with a Slovak guide

    Janoskove holes

    I don‘t know

    The worst experience this week for mine I was a very pretty.

    It was not an iniative or a bad thing that can happen.

    I don t have a worst experience this week .

    I have not bad experience here. 

    The worst experience was climbing up and down the muddy hill in Janošíkové diery- we had to do that in order to proceed on our trail and the trail there was under reconstruction.

    I think Thesday we was so tired and this day is hardest ,but i think is not worst experience

    I think Tuesday is the hardest day on this exchange, but I think was not the worst experience.

    The worst experience this week for mine I was a very impressed in Slovakia.

    No such an experience


    What would you prefer to do during the next meeting? What would you change?

    Nothing, everything was perfect.

    more icebraking games

    I prefer to get up little bit later

    I prefer have more activitis with students at afternoon.

    everything was fine

    I wouldn´t change anything.

    idk, everything was fine

    I would play games for get to know each other.

    More activities in the afternon

    longer sleep
    more funny activities
    more local food

    If hiking, maybe i would prefer if on the end there was something like a top of the mountain or a cool view, so that when it is difficult, you get some reward in the end. Also i know that museums are part of the history, but normaly they are the least interesting.

    Well, i woundn"t change anything because everything was perfect.

    The activities from trhe afternoon

    longer sleep hours

    More plans at the afternoon.

    The local team will prepare some activities or go with the others teams to shopping

    I would prefer to do during the next meeting  in Slovakia, but I love thisw persons.

    I would not want to change anything. I like a lot all the activities we did.

    I don t want to change nothing because we have a lot of fun learning,  playing games and visiting a lot of turistical places .

    Im contented with organisation and I think there is nothing to be change.

    I would like to do less hiking, maybe visit local cinema or theater (see ballet or orchestra).

    I would like to hava a more time to meet other pearson to other nationality ., but i think that the great time

    I think that this exchange was complete.

    I would prefer to do during the next meeting , but is very much persons in Slovakia. I don´t change.



    What do you think is the most attractive thing about your work on this project? Are you good at working in Twinspace?

    Yes, I am used to work on Twinspace, the most attractive thing in this project is the huge amount of quality information.

    I try to be

    the posibility to meet new cultures

    Meet new people and learn about differents culture.

    I am not good at working on the Twinspace

    I love meeting new people. Twinspace is very chaotic for me.

    I am not good at working on a twinspace.

    I think it is a really good experience for us. We can improve our english skills and use them in real life. We can also know more about another cultures and it is always really interesting. We make new foreign friends and I am really glad that I can be part of it.

    I can improve my english and visit an other places

    I think the most attractive thing about my work is quiz about all project's countries. I hope I'm good at working on Twinspace but I'll try to do more.

    i think meeting new people with different culture and customs and also learning about interesting topics. And no i do not think i am good with twinspace.

    I would like for other people to say what they think about my work. I think I am preety good at working in Twinspace.

    The most atractive thing was the comics, because was funny made it and with the comics we can show the others countries a lot of interesting and important people from our country

    work in quiz about all projects. I''m good at working in twinspace

    I think that the most atractive thing that i work on this project was female on the politics. Yes though sometimes is dificult.

    I don‘t know exactly

    I think is the most attractive thing about work in this project, but I meet you news students. I don´t working in Twinspace.

    I can improve my english.

    For me the most attractive thing about this project was to try to talk in english with my friend , to try to climb a mountain , to swim and of course to visited new places .

    I think that the most attractive thing is that I can meet people from different countries and also make new friends.

    I´d say that the most attractive thing is the communication, because normally I use my english passively while watching movies or TV series online and I think using english actively is just as important as using your native language. It´s like that saying: Use it or lose it.

    Yes i think thet twinspace is the good platform for students and teacher. This project is amazing , , i have a good time in this project . learn a lot of new thinks in this project and meet amazing people.

    Yes I think that Twinspace is the good platform for students and teachers. This project is very intriguing and important for me, because I think people should learn about toleration and now on the world is a lot of conflicts and maybe people never learn anything, but we must try learn them

    I think is the most attractive about my work on this project.

    Yes, I am. Our long cooperation.


    Add any comment you think might help the coordinators to improve in their work on the project.

    Everything was perfect.

    It was ok.

    be more time in groups

    Be more times with group

    I love slovakia

    I don´t think I have any comment.

    <3 Love you guys!

    Just keep working on this projects, beacuse it is really awesome.

    We didn't have a lot of time in the activities, we did all very quickly and I couldn't enjoy the activities

    more talking with students about their thoughts

    i think it is pretty hard to organise it, so that everyone likes it, so i do not have anything to add to the organisation

    It"s alright to make mistakes because everybody makes mistakes. You are great the way you are.
    You did a great job, i couldn"t be happier.

    the distribution of the activities,in the morning we do a lot of things and sometimes in thye afternoon we were bored

    change plans rams

    More integration because some people are always alone or in small group. I think that it is an amazing opportunity to know new people.

    They should do more interpersonal activities for the students

    Nothing comment.

    Keep it that way, you are the best!

    I don t have  any comment for the coordinators because everything was great .

    I thing that everything is great and I would like to thank for such a amazing organisation.

    Do less hiking, do more culture stuff- not castles or museums, but cinemas, theaters with orchestra and stuff.

    I don§t ave comment

    In my opinion everything was the best

    Nothing comment.

    Everything is perfect


    Tricider impressions from Slovakia
    It's an amazing country with great people, it has many beautiful views and amazing places, I'll come back in the future for sure!
    I really enjoyed time in Slovakia. It was one of the most beautiful trips and places I've ever been. I hope I will be back here soon.
    It was an amazing travel. We visited beautiful places and met new people
    I really enjoy this country,there is a lot of nature.
    Maria Gonzalez
    it is a really beautiful country with amazing places and amanzing people.
    I am really glad that I could meet new people.
    i really liked the city, because it is so quiet and calm
    It is a wonderful country with great and helpful people. I am really happy I managed to come here
    The best experience on  slovakia was when we play a lot of games together
    This city is amagazing, it has a lot of history and beautiful places
    Slovakia is a beautiful country with lot of places to visit. I love it


  • Here you can find out some info about Slovakia, the region and the town of Martin.

    Videoguide of Martin
    listen to a beautiful song...
    Bojnice Castle
    Strečno Castle
    Dobsinska Ice Cave - UNESCO heritage
    Janosikovy diery - natural beauty
    High Tatras mountains
    Aquapark Besenova
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