5th meeting in Poland

  • The postponed meeting took place from Monday 31st May to Friday 4th June 2021.

    During the last short-term student exchange we presented the outcomes covered by the tasks for the period of 04/2020 – 06/2020:

    • women in the 21st century: questionaire about their duties and responsibilities compared to the less developed countries of the third world (Islamic countries?)
    • independence of women – now and then.
    • changing roles of women throughout the history, situation now, equality in labour market, fair pay

    Proposed programme for the meeting in Poland:

    1. The history of school and education-a presentation on women who used to work and have some honours, success…
    2. Visits to the museum of Solidarity, Emigration and The Second World War in Gdańsk- historical events
    3. Kashubian Pilgrims and the pilgrimage on the Puck Bay- fishing boats from Chałupy to Puck-a meeting with Kashubian lovers
    4. Old fishing cottages and settlements on Hel Peninsula-sightseeing
    5. The museum of Hel defence along a historical route…..some shelters, cannons, Kaper-a pirate connected with the sea…..
    6. Workshops with posters, debates and sightseeing on historical and cultural subjects to sum up everything in a Manual of good practice
    7. Dicovering old huts in Seal settlement in Rzucewo and Middle Ages Settlement in Sławutowo-historical traces……integration at the bonfire….
    8. The day of tolerance – posters and workshops to support and promote our project……
    9. A contest on valuable women in Polish History-sharing on the social networks like project blog and Facebook

    During the mobility students unfortunately did not have the possibility to join the classes of English or physical education because of the pandemic restrictions. But because the school offers also lessons of sailing thanks to the location of the school by the Baltic sea in a beautiful Puck Bay we had a chance to try sailing. The topic of sea protection and ecology in general was touched. We continued the topic of employment and jobs by discussing the typical jobs here in the only region with access to the sea among the partner schools. We visited the docks in Gdansk, museum of 2nd World War. Students at school discussed the issues in lessons of civics and history, drew some pictures in lessons of Arts, had a lecture on ecology in lessons of Biology or Chemistry.

    The Polish school in Puck is the only partner school situated on the coast of the sea so there is a great opportunity to connect the topic of our project with sea life, ecology, protection of nature, typical jobs here like fisherman or sailor and its influence on local labour market. It is also the Kashubian region with typical dialect/language that can be studied from the ethnologic point of view. The modern history of Poland is connected with docks in Gdansk where the first protest agains communism started – participants can see the museum of Totalitarian Regime with exhibition of typical life at those times, how women dressed, what they bought at the shops, what was their position in society. The Hel peninsula is also very close and there we can find lots of defence structures from the times of German invasion in World War II.


    Sunday 30 th May 2021

    Arrival and accommodation in Aparthotel Kamienica in Puck


    Monday 31st  May 2021

    Welcome at school at 9.00-meeting a headteacher, starost or an education chief, a mayor- introducing teams

    Performance prepared by some students with a support of our dancing group and its teacher Katarzyna-Bartoszewicz Stromska.

    Puck-a short film by Asia Pałucka, A short animated film about Polish History Paweł Stefan, Robert Stefański-, and a presentation on Polish History-Zuzanna Derc, Traditions-Izabela Tocke,Kahoot on Partners’ -Zuzanna Derc, Role of  Men and Women-Aniela Dubicka, Hospice-Agnieszka Legęza, Kahoot-tolerance- Gabriela Niewiadomska, Education, Women-Wiktoria Lademann

    10.00-10.15-a coffee break, some sweet snacks, a tour around school-Małgosia Cieślak, Max Białk, Martyna Gappa, Jasicka Natalia

    10.15-11.30- Visual thinking and board games - Julita Stromska

    11.30-12.00  5 students  from Slovakia,Czech, Romania, Poland-Paulina Jamrozik   in IT classrom and Spanish student  participate in a lecture  online-Marina Navarro (President of a EU Youth Organization) Brussels

    Topic: "Youth and Europe"


    Physical Education-Badminton and volleyball at the playground-PE teachers, other students can also listen on their phones

    12.30  -Dinner -Restaurant: „Pod Lwem”.

    1.15-Haller’s exhibition-teachers in Museum Kamienica and coffee, glass manufacture-10 students workshops, 10 students-visiting an exhibition, show and exchange

    14:45-teachers- a tour around Puck town with a guide- Ewelina Dalecka about 1 hour

    3:15-City game- students divided into international teams-mixed-Paulina Jamrozik and Joanna Pałucka

    In the evening-integration in the hotel: Watching a film: Maria-Curie Skłodowska, a famous Polish scientist


    Tuesday  1st  June 2021


    9:00-a trip by bus to Hel Peninsula, Jurata a stop-Jastarnia-a fisherman house, 30 km- 11.00 A Museum of Defence-outside with a guide book 1 hour, Museum of Hel -etnographic one-1 hour

    1:30-2:00 seal aquarium-seals show

    2:00- Fishermen Museum-a view point

    3:00 a long walk to experience the connection of the Bay with the sea, the end of Poland

    5:00- A folk kashubian feast in Darżlubie-dinner with some dessert and folk music, some Polish traditions- Potrykus Rafał

    In the hotel about 9:00 p.m or 10.00 p.m


    Wednesday 2nd June 2021

    9:00 -a trip to Gdańsk about 1 hour, a meeting with a tour-guide Anna Kotula

    Solidarity centre-2 hours

    A short walk along Długa Street, a short history of Gdańsk, a photo near Neptune, Green Gate, Golden Gate

     2:00-a restaurant; „ Piwnica Rajców” in Gdańsk

    3:00 Westerplatte tour-2 hours

    6:00-a short stop in the Seal-hunter  settlement in Rzucewo

    Coming back to the hotel at 7:00


    Thursday 3rd June 2021

     9:00- a trip to Łeba Słowinski National Park -amazing dunes-

     11.00- a ride by melex to Military Launch - visiting the launch, playing volleyball and badminton and sunbathing

    3:00-a ride back by melex

    4:00- a dinner in Łeba- Star One-a resort

    coming back to the hotel about 6:00



    Friday 4th  June


    8:30-visit in  the Museum of Puck Land- 1,5 hour of visiting the museum, talking about traditions, customs and life in the past

    9:30- A workshop-painting on glass in the Museum of Puck Land-old Polish traditions 9 students,

    10:00-  An exhibition of Amber and archeological one- teachers and students 9 , exchange-9 students workshops,Music school workshops-9 students

    10:30- workshops for the second group of students

    11:30- 12:45 a questionnaire- evaluation of the meeting,  a newsletter and  Manual of Good Practice- Mikołaj Hewelt

    1:00-dinner in the Restaurant ‘Molo’ in Puck

    2:00-sailing on the Puck Bay- 15 people, a ship- ‘Star one’.

    3: 00-sailing on The Puck Bay-15 people, a ship- ‘ Star one’.

    4:30- bowling in the sports centre Moksir


    Saturday 5th  June

    Saying good bye to all the partners


    Here is the Newsletter:

    Here is our PHOTOGALLERY from Poland

    Here are the results of our questionnaire:

    What was the BEST experience this week for you? What was the WORST experience this week for you? What would you prefer to do during the next meeting? What would you change?
    Visiting typical Kashubian feast. Probably the long journey to Puck. Learn more about lokal traditions.
    Dunes in Łeba, meeting new nice people Sand in my bed More free time
    The best experience spent this week was meeting other colleagues in the partner countries. I have not had any unpleasant experiences Everything was very ok.  I would not change anything.
    Highway to hel😂, beautiful views, great friends I missed my dog  Less walking because it was kinda exhausting but I got the point we saw so many things
    The museum of Solidarity, Leba dunes, Hel peninsula Nothing I would not change anything, everything was perfect.
    SOLIDARITY MUSEUM Nothing. The same programme.
    The first day when we met because I missed everyone since the last meeting and I was so happy when I saw this dear friends.  I didn't experience something like this, everything was amazing!  Every activity is interesting and new for us so I think it's perfect how is it now. 
    The best was talking to others from the EDGE project community and chilling on the dunes too I have had a lovely time in here and I can’t think of anything negative, maybe that I couldn’t spend a lot of free time at hotel with my friends...  I wouldn’t change anything, only if that i could have spoken to one team earlier, because they were (are) amazing
    For me it was first visiting beach and realizing that I’m really standing by the sea. Also it was trip to dunes and just all trips to nature. I wouldn’t say that it was bad experience, but military museum was the less interesting to me, but it’s because I’m not into it. i would maybe travel to nature more and i’d like to have more free time on trips. 
    When we went to the Defence museum and when we went to Leba at the dunes. I also liked the Solidarity Museum  in Gdansk. I learned that Freedom is very important and we must be thankful for it!!! I didn't have a bad experience for this week. I wouldn't change anything. I would love to do the same things. This experience was the best of my life!! 
    The day when we were with Kasubian. It was very interesting and we have a lot of fun. I don't know. I really enjoyed everything, maybe it was sometimes to much information for me, for example in Gdańsk I would appreciate more free time to talk with others from erasmus and getting know each other better. Like i would prefer more free time and chilling activities. Maybe sometimes slow down a little.
    Trip to the dunes and the museu mof Solidarity 100%  I think some museums were not that interesting as others.  Maybe i would add more trips to the nature.
    the BEST experience for me this week was when we went to Gdansk and visited the museum, the church and also the city. Everything was so beautiful and extraordinary I didn't have any bad or worst experiences. I wouldn't change anything. Everything was so lovely and the people were so nice. The support teams were also very helpful.
    The best experience was that I made new friends and could improve my English language skills too much walking More free time and more traditional food
    The best experience for me this week was when we went to Gdansk and visited those beautiful buildings. I didn't experience anything bad. I wouldn't chanche anything. Everything was perfect 
    I have a lot of beautiful memories, but the best experience was on Thursday, when we visited the dunes. We played cards on the beach, had a beautiful view on the sea and also a lot of fun. I also listened to popular songs in Polish and made some Polish friends.
    I also really enjoyed meeting the Kashubians and getting to know their traditions. 
    The worst one? Maybe travelling by the bus, but I do not think it counts as an experience.  Maybe more of relax would be great, because we were really tired after the whole day. 
    The dunes in Leba not seeing foky nothing


    What do you think is the most attractive thing about your work on this project? Are you getting better at working in Twinspace? Add any comment you think might help the coordinators to improve in their work on the project.
    Meeting new people and discavering new places. Yes I am getting better at working on Twinspace. Maybe its better not to have that many things prepared. Because sometimes i felt like I am in a hurry.
    . They are all great enough :)
    The fact that I contributed to the participation of this project was a unique experience, through which I learned many things. I also worked on the Twinspace platform. I have nothing to add.  Everything was great.
    Thinking about the topics and then arguing about them. And yes this year I started to understand this page finally  This project is great but my advice is to talk about the program with their students at first and ask them if it would be interesting for them as students
    Cooperation, LGBT topic, lectures, online meeting. To keep the projects like this.
    LGBT TOPIC To continue this projects.
    The most attractive thing about my work it's that I improved my english skills and also the thing I made on glass, I like it a lot.  You're just amazing people cause I love to be here because of your hard work for making everything so perfect and fun. 
    It is making new friends for sure (especially during this time), working with twinspace will never be my cup of tea :) I tink that you all are doing an amazing job!! Thank you for everything you are doing for us and letting us enjoy the time during each meeting. 
    I made some videos about erasmus. During the project I’ve improved at working on twinspace.  Thanks for your hard work, I feel really grateful.
    I have made a lot of friends and I improved my English skills. Yes I'm getting better and better at working in Twinspace All the coordinators were perfect and I don't think they need to improve something 
    I like meeting new people, seeing new places and also i like the friendly environment. Yeh and I am also getting better with twinspace.  I don't have any comments. You are perfect at your job.
    Yes i can otient in twinspace better then before for sure but I still have a lot of work to do there. Maybe to figure if we have wifi or not. Or to have more cohesive plan and to buy tickets before hand 
    yes, i think i am getting better at working in twinspace, also i loved working with other people and seeing new places. everything did a great job and i had a great experience.
    spending time with others is the most attractive. Im pretty decent at working at Twinspace Less museum, more modern attractions :)
    Yes, I think that I am getting better at working in Twinspace. I loved that I had to cooperate with other students Nothing to comment
    Yes, I am definitely getting good in working in Twinspace.  It was very well organized, it was my first Erasmus exchange, Maybe to stay in the rooms of the hotel in mixed groups, I mean like if the room was for three people, it would include Czech, Slovak and Romanian. I think we would get to know each other better.
    I am really thankful for this experience. 
    the most attractive thing is getting to travel to new places and meeting new people that i wouldnt normally meet.   THE FOKY