4th VIRTUAL meeting in Romania

  • Virtual mobility in March 2021

    The physical mobility which has been postponed several times finally takes place VIRTUALLY from Monday 22nd March to Friday 26th March 2021 because the situation unfortunately does not allow us to travel and meet in person. We tried hard to meet, the mobility date was changed several times, but without success...

    During the fourth short term student exchange in Romania in March 2020 we were supposed to discuss the issues covered in this period of the project (10/2019 – 03/2020), especially the topic of jobs:

    • what was the role of women/men in the professional area in the past? Has it changed? How? How did the education influence and help to change the situaition on labour market?
    • museums/castles – roots of our nation. How did people used to live in the past? What were the roles of each member of the family?
    • what was the position of women in society and labour market? Historical perspective and situation now.
    • jobs in the past, present and future, career possibilities and limitations. Discrimination on labour market.
    • which jobs are done only by men/women? In which jobs prevail men/women?
    • To analyze the old local tradition and crafts still alive, a motivation for a future job.

    • To learn about the life together with people from different nations (Polish, Ukrainian, Germans, Jews, Romanians) in this area; What does TOLERANCE mean?

    • To develop new skills, new information, new attitude for different jobs, new professions. The students will understand that traditions, crafts and folk art have to be preserved, developed and carried on.

    • To create the multilingual dictionary

    Before the mobility students will investigate and make a survey, compare the results with partner countries. Possibility of using questionnaires and interviews with local authorities (are women discriminated somehow, somewhere? Technology, IT…). In Romania we will have a chance to see the biggest partner school (also a vocational one) as for the number of student and incredibly wide range of specialisations like clothes making, machinery, engineering etc. so students can observe their peers getting professional training, to see them at work making clothes and other hand made products = possibility of getting involved in such activities might be interesting.


    Results : new skills, new information, new attitude for different jobs. The students will understand that traditions, crafts and folk art have to be preserved, developed and carried on. These occupations can become jobs. Each school can organize workshops, exhibitions and competitions with many students.

    Participants will get to know the rural part of Romania where citizens have to deal with high rate of young people leaving the region and the country in search of a better work and better life abroad. So there are lots of families where a father or a mother (sometimes both) are away working in a foreign country while the children stay with their grandparents living the traditional rural life. Majority of students in this school live far away from the school in small villages and have to commute every day. So the partners school have a chance to see this aspect of life with obstacles and difficulties making it not very easy to build a career they dream of. This region is interesting also for the religious part because it is orthodox with lots of beautiful historical world heritage monuments protected by UNESCO like Suceavita and Moldovita monasteries. Lots of traditional historical crafts and trades are preserved here because older people are still living in a traditional way so there is a unique possibility to see some living history in our modern world, kind of open air museum where you can see real people doing real work in real time. The workshop and the visit at museums, at university, at traditional craft workshops, will give the students new skills and they will understand the importance of equality at work, planning the future professions, typical jobs for men and women, fighting the prejudice of men being paid more than women. Some interviews with some successful women professionals or famous women leaders (like the lady in the Egg Museum in Romania) will show to the students the way to the success . This new experience can be connected with the programme in own school – integrated into the school curriculum at history, geography, English language, guidance in career.



    Feedback questionnaire results:

    Here are the answers of the students who participated in the virtual mobility.


    What was the BEST experience this week for you?

    Probably the interactive presentations
    All students’ and teachers’ presentations, guests’ presentations, Leo - guest.
    Talking with other students
    speaking english and meeting new people
    Learning about all the topic that are so very relevant now.
    Interviews with interesting people.
    Online conference
    Lectures from guests
    conversation with Leo
    Receiving useful knowledge and hearing some inspirational presentations and stories
    meet with Leo and American girl
    Every day was unique.
    Meeting with american girl, I've learnt a lot about situation in US
    I 've learnt many interesting information about every country in this project and about the themes we talked about.
    I learned some new facts about the countries and learned about the gender, quality, how to be supportive to someone, 
    Meeting new people and knowing more informations about countries 
    meet old and new friends and learn/discuss bout a lot or interesting subjects
    The best experience of this week was when we learned about the participating countries different information, such as: their history, the regimes they went through, important places to visit, and much more.
    Everything, I would say! I do not have my favourite experience. Every country prepared separate programme, but this is it - the diversity, which I love!
    meeting the american student
    The fact that everybody has learned how to express openly their opinion
    Eveything was incredible
    Finding more informations about LGBT
    Talk with an american student, who told us about rasism and discrimination in her country and her personal experiences.
    I learned a lot of interesting things about tolerance, gender equality and more of that. 
    I loved that there were some interesting people who told us their personal stories and experiences
    seeing Mikolaj Hewelt's dog Archie when he turned his camera on  
    Meeting all teams and learning a lot of interesting informations.
    The best experience was presentation from Vítek Slíva and also conversation with student from USA.
    Being able to meet people from other countries without travelling
    I loved learning new things from the different Erasmus countries
    Playing games with all the participants in this proyect.
    All of them were incredible!
    Learning so much new things, learning English and made new friends
    Get a multi-cultural experience.
    Learning about Polish History, listening to the USA girl's experience and playing Kahoot.
    I believe that the best experience this week was when we played Kahoot. I t was funny and everybody was very competitive, so they were wonderful moments.
    I think it marked me a lot when they talked about their stories, Leo and the American girl, and obviusly the games. I love this Erasmus experience because I have learned a lot.
    i loved videos about Slovakia
    my best experience was participating in all the games and learnong about all the countries.
    Meet all of the students and teachers of the other countries.
    Being able to hear everyone’s own experience, meeting new people and discovering amazing facts about other countries.
    Seeing how our students involvement and concern in the social issues dealt in this  project.
    the best experience this week for me was when we played different games because we got to know each other better and we felt good together. At the same time I liked all the presentations of those wonderful people in the project, they were very interesting and I realized that although we were born in different places of Europe we understand and appreciate each other.
    I have learnt many things about the history and the politics of some countries which I didn't know before.
    Seeing familiar faces again, unfortunately just online...
    I learned new informations about other countries.



    What was the WORST experience this week for you?

    Didn't have one 
    The wifi of our school
    I have no bad experience
    I don't think there were any bad experiences
    Some minor technical issues.
    internet conection problems
    No bad experience
    When the internet let me down during my presentation
    break out rooms
    Technical problems
    Nothing, it was great!
    The Long speeches was sometimes quite boring
    I don't have experiences like that :)
    The internet connection problems that I had :)))))
    I don,t wosrt experience
    During this period, I did not have any unpleasant experience, on the contrary, I felt like in a real family with our project partners. I love you all!
    no worst
    don't think there was any
    That we didn't have the opportunity to meet face to face
    Nothing really
    The fact that we weren't practically together, just virtual. It is sad that the pandemic has stolen our lives.
    I don't have any speacial moment in my mind. I appriciate the work, so some technical problems are understanable. 
    Honestly, this week was great and I don't think there is something that I disliked.
    My internet was very slow
    when the other countries showed us some pics of their typical dishes and i got hungry :(
    I don't have one.
    I dont have any bad experiences, maybe sometimes was some technical problems, but everything was alright
    the problems with the sound and missing all hugs and smiles in real life
    Having to lose some important classes, however  I think it was worth it
    Some presentations or spechees were too long.
    None :)
    Missing classes
    see the problems with gender in the world
    I wouldn't say worst but, sometimes there was too much information at once.
    The worst experience for me is when the Spanish group hadn't WIFI the first day. I was very excited and amazed to see the presentations of Romania, unfotunately, we couldn't connect because there wasn't WIFI. However, it was an amazing day, fulled by joy and fun.
    Nothing is wrong.
    that i would have loved to be able to travel
    nothing everything has been great
    I haven't had any bad experiences, this week was very interesting and wonderful.
    Having to lose some important classes, but it’s worth the effort.
    Being aware of the tough and difficult times you must have lived in the past. History in books is totally different story from hearing it  first hand from people who had to overcome it. Thanks for sharing so emotional experiences!
    Absolutely none.
    When we lost internet connection
    Not able to hug my foreign friends
    Worst was internet connection, he doesn´t work.



    What would you prefer to do during the next meeting? What would you change?

    I don't know. I think that this meeting was practically perfect 
    See face to face.
    be present and travel
    I would prefer it to be in person
    I would prefer to meet in person.
    more games and maybe also more time together 
    I would prefer to see everyone face to face:D
    maybe more games
    I would like to hear more about the parcipitants of the EDGE programme (their stories, about their life...)
    i dont know
    Meet my friends face to face.
    more integration with others
    Maybe more time to have chance meet others students.
    Maybe I will add some more talking in the small group like we did one day 
    Maybe some more games? 
    I would change nothing.
    to meet all partiers face to face
    In the next meeting I would like to have more games like Kahoot.
    I think it has been great so far, maybe some fun like dance, singing some traditional songs of the country.
    breakout rooms or things that involving students so they can get to know each other more and make some friends
    I really hope to meet all of you in Puck, Poland
    Everything was greatthe way it was
    Let's spend time laughing, hug when we see each other.
    I prefer to have more interviews with experts or people who has more experiences in the area. Games were also fun, because we were involved.
    I wouldn't change nothing . <3 
    I like to participate more. 
    less presentations, more games. Ofc would prefer if it was not a virtual one
    I wouldn't change anything.
    I would like to meet face to face but yet that because of the situation is imposible. Maybe I will appreciate less presentation and more conversation and games.
    just face to face, visiting lovely landscapes, talking without a mask or a microphone
    To have talked with other students for knowing them better
    Maybe meet each other in person.
    As a virtual meeting it was great, I don't think I would change anything?
    I liked everything
    see more videos about the country's.
    I'd like to be able to interact more with other students from the project.
    I would prefer talk a little bit more with other students. Apart from this, I wouldn't change anything.
    Make it a bit more interactive, since there are times when they talked for a long time it felt boring.
    more games and videos
    well,i would like to do more kahoot because they are fun and i would not change anything.
    I wish that we could meet face to face :(.
    Anything, everything is great.
    Obviously meeting face-to-face.
    I would love having more breakout rooms where students could share  experiences with others countries.
    I will change nothing cause this experince is the best!
    Anything will do because everything has been very well planned so far. I am sure it will be a great experience.
    I would love to see and hug my friends from the other Edge team,
    I would not change anything. I would prefer face to face meeting.



    What do you think is the most attractive thing about your work on this project? Are you getting better at working in Twinspace?

    I don't really know, but I think I'm getting better 
    Cooperation, friendship, information, everything.
    Learning about other countries
    It was everithing very good 
    I think the most important part is strenghtening international ties and gaining mutual understanding.
    New experience with working online. 
    most attractive are the topics and discussions
    and no it is still Spanish village for me 
    Meeting new people, hearing opinions from people of different countries
    I was only listening but I respect all for their work
    I have never been good at working with Twinspace :)
    the most attractive thing is that i can practice my english
    Writing stories on facebook, etwinning, upload materials
    I've developed opinions about serious issues 
    Every time I found out something new.
    Yes, I think we learned a lot, and did some fun games
    I'm getting better!! My English is better for sure 
    The thing that everyone was active to it. They listened to me. I hope so:))
    the support each others
    Yes, I will definitely work in Twinspace. The most attractive thing in terms of work was the team spirit present and the sincerity of all.
    This project definitely made me work in Twinspace and yes I am getting quite good at it.
    For this project I prepared a presentation and a quiz - the topic included education, equality, gender and, of course, fun!
    i don't know. i think so
    Twinspace is a woderful platform and I am very glad I have discovered many interesting activities working on it.
    The people who worked in this project were amaizing
    Cross-border cooperation.
    Yes, surely.
    Actually, I'm new in the project, so I don't have much work on presentations. But I think I learned a lot from others, so next time maybe I try to work harder.
    The most attractive thing about working on this project is the fact that I have chance to make new friends. Yes, I think I'm getting better at working in Twinspace.
    It is my first year so I was only listening, hopefully next time I can also participate 
    learning new things about other cultures, learning to understand the world around us in general. Yes, I do be getting more familiar with twinspace
    I have possibility to develop my skills, meet new people and learn a lot about important topics.
    I think the most interesting is getting to know new cultures and people or of course improve language.
    the most attractive thing about this work is being awareness of social issues all over Europe; I was used to work in Twinspace so no news from there
    The fact of talking with another countries students
    Speaking out loud maybe.
    The opportunity to learn about other cultures and talk with people from other countries.
    The  most atractive thing is having more knowledge about gender pay gap
    Do my own project and helped with us
    I believe our work related to feminism and women is pretty interesting.
    I believe that the most attractive thing about my work on this project is the presentation of the high school. It was an amazing experience to prepare it with the teachers and the mates.
    I think I have improved a lot
    videos, yes.
    the most attractive thing has been the presentation of the high school girls and if i think i am improving.
    The amount of information that I learn about unemployment. 
    The fact of being able to discover interesting new things about important matters, such as equality o job satisfaction.
    Planting the seed into tomorrow's European citizens who can make the difference!
    I think I do better in both English and using Twinspace. I am most happy that I managed to get involved in various activities.
    To get to know some wonderful people. 
    The most attractive thing about this project are the topics we can discuss and also meeting new people. Yes, I think I'm getting used to working in Twinspace.
    Games, definitely :D


    Add any comment you think might help the coordinators to improve in their work on the project.

    Nothing, everything was very fun!
    You are doing a great job, thanke you
    No :)
    I believe we will meet in person next time.
    Just continue in what are you doing
    No comment
    nothing on my mind
    Well, I enjoyed this one-week-long meeting, however, I'd like to hear more from the students next time...
    Always support our European team
    maybe better organization
    Meeting face to face with everyone or even more talking with the students in the small group
    I don't know 
    They are already the best!
    We have a great coordinator.! Thank you Dali for great coordination, for your support in this online meeting and during all project!
    I have nothing to add. Everything was wonderful !!!
    I do not think there is any improvement in coordinators needed. However, I would be really glad if the students weere more active, I mean, they would not be ashamed to talk, so maybe to encourage them to speak. 
    more activities that can involve students on the meeting
    Let's hope everything will come to normal and have the chance to enjoy our meetings face to face!
    I don't have something to add
    He is the best coordinator. Never change, Dalimil!
    Discussions were more usefull for me than presentations. To specify it, fakts and datas were interesting, but some of presentations were too long and overwhelming. It will be better to give us shorter interpretation and start a discussion. Questions over mentimeter were also a perfect choice for shy students, because it's more anonymous.
    I don't think that the coordinators need to change anything.
    Maybe better time management because many presentations had to be cut short and we didn't have time for some of the activities
    maybe turning their mics off when they are not speaking, it makes it harder to listen to the one speaking
    I think all coordinators were great and their work was amazing!
    I think that they are doing excellent job
    The best is making students face in front of the other speaking in English and sharing their work, much better than listening to formal people. In my opinion, it is the best way to make them put their English into practice. 
    I think everything was quite good taking into a count the situation.
    I don't really think there is anything i can say, all the problems were caused because of internet.
    Everything was fine and they couldn't have done it better!
    Its perfect
    Take the same motivation!!
    Add more interactive activities between students from different countries.
    Do not change, stay connecting countries by travels or by Internet please. So we can learn the culture from other countries and some useful information.
    Above all continue with the same enthusiasm.You are all incredible and you have done a great job, congrats :D
    when it proyect one people it will see better
    continue with the same spirit as this week.
    I don'y really now, in my opinion everything was great. :)
    I believe everything was fantastically prepared so I do not have any recommendation.
    I believe students  could have more time participation time over the adults. They are after all the main characters.
    Everything under the supervision of their teachers, of course!  
    Thank you!! 
    This week I felt very good, I learned various things both about us as people and about how to understand others. I enjoyed listening to all the things that were presented to us and I will definitely want to be able to participate in this kind of projects again. The atmosphere was very pleasan and i felt so good this week spended with you! Thank you all for your work, you are the best!
    Everything was all right to me but if I had to say something maybe you could try to get  students together with some activities just for them when they are visiting a country, when the official project activities finish in the afternoon. 
    I think they're doing a good job!
    This is hard question, I think that everyone do his best.