Easter in partner schools

  • Here is a presentation of Easter traditions in Poland:

  • How about Easter traditions in your countries? Tell us some interesting facts, share a video, comment, add some pictures...

    Kind of shocking tradition in CZ is whipping the girls with a whip made of willow

    Do not get surprised, the whipping is to make girls and women healthy all year round...

    Whipping of girls explained again...
    Do you really know why Easter is celebrated? This video explains it all.
    Easter in Sevilla, Spain
    In Poland there are also similar traditions as in CZ :-)
    Eggs decorating in Poland
    Egg decoration art in Romania
    Slovakia Easter traditions
    Easter in Spain

    Traditions during this important week.

  • Do you keep any of these old traditions like egg painting?
    Yes, I like the traditional Easter holidays.
    2 votes (66.67%)
    No, I just enjoy some free time and days off school.
    1 vote (33.33%)