5. (UN)EMPLOYMENT (12/2019 - 01/2020)

    • Reasearch in the area of jobs in the past, present and future, career possibilities and limitations.
    • Discrimination on labour market. Which jobs are done only by men/women? In which jobs prevail men/women?
    • Investigate and make a survey, compare your results with partner countries. Are women discriminated somehow, somewhere? Technology, IT…

    Students will learn about their possibilities at the labour market by comparing it to the situation in the past. The outputs might be presentations, charts, videos or posters. Share the info on the eTwinning portal or the project blog at WordPress. Discuss and compare the situation in partner countries. Students who are weaker in English might draw a picture of their dream job and workplace of the future. Guidance and help of civics or history teachers would be helpful as well as the language support of the teachers of English. Dissemination events at each school.


    Employment stereotypes

    Gender stereotypes

    Gender equality

    Gender stereotypes and education

    Boys and girls on stereotypes

    Why Gender Equality Is Good for Everyone

    Do only boys want adventure?


    Unemployment in Slovakia

    Over the past few years the unemployment rate in Slovakia has been gradually decreasing. Currently it is 4.98% on average, ranging from 2.68% to 8.29% in different parts of the country. We can observe that the lowest values are measured in the west, while the eastern regions are struggling the most. One of the main causes of the rate being so drastically different across Slovakia is its infrastructure. Most of the large and influential cities are located in the west and so are the highways. This helps local people easily find jobs. Compared to that, finding an ideal workplace in the east is much more difficult. Travelling from villages to cities is proven to be very challenging for many people. Other than that, there is education. It can be hard to get proper education for people living in the more remote areas and the same goes for work experience.

    There is a noticeable difference between the unemployment rate of men and women. The value for women is 5.88%. As previously stated, the rate differs across the country, but in this case it ranges from 3.20% all the way to 9.78%. When employing women, their age, marital status and in some cases even appearance are considered. It’s challenging for everyone to get work experience after graduation, but women even more so.

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