European Parliament elections 2019

  • The elections to the European Parliament will be held between 23 and 26 May 2019 and will be the ninth parliamentary election. A total of 751 Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) currently represent more than 512 million people from 28 member states. The election takes place every five years. Currently, the number of MEPs ranges from six for Malta, Luxembourg and Cyprus to 96 for Germany.

    Video about voting:

    Video about MEPs representing EU citizens:

    Gender balance in European Parliamant after 2017 elections:

  • How many women represent your country in EU Parliament? Do you know their name?

    Spanish women in the europian parliament

    Spain is the third country with highest percentage of women in the parliament, for example: Beatriz Becerra

    The change in the European Parliament
    No, I don’t

    Elena Valenciano, from PSOE is the only woman in E.U. I Know

    Female MPEs

    I think they are 25 and I know Ms Valenciano from the Labour Party and Ms Del Castillo from the Popular Party, she was one of our former ministers of Education.

    Czech women in the parliament

    I didn't know it but I did a small research and found out that 17% of czech parliamentarians are women, which is pretty low number in my opinion. Some of czech parlimentarians are Helena Mallotová, Alena Palečková, Kateřina Konečná or Martina Dlabajová.

    Video about women in EU Parliament

    I found a short video that describes the number of women in EU Parliament over the years in percent.

    Election in Poland

    Our Polish parties and their participance in European politics. There is also an enormous involvment of women. Beata Szydło-a former prime minister, Anna Zalewska-education minister from PIS party and Magdalena Pawłowicz from European Coalition-Paweł Adamowicz's wife- a murdered president of Gdańsk. Women are becoming the power! It is becoming more optimistic as for the problem of equality.

    Polish MEP Korwin-Mikke: Women must earn less than men because...

    I found a video about sexism in the europian parliament. It is not totally current, I think it is from 2017, but it shows that the parliament is still quite chauvinistic.

    Women equality in the European Parliament

    Although the situation of women equality is better in Europe, same number of men and women will represent only 6 from 28 states, for example Sweden, Finland or France. Compared to that, there aren't any women who represent Cyprus, 7 women represent Czech republic and 2 women represent Slovakia.

    Markéta Gregorová

    Markéta Gregorová is now a part of the European Parliament at only 26 years. She was a candidate for the political party with the name Piráti. She tried to be a part of the European Parliament in 2014 but she wasn't elected.

    Veronika Vrecionová

    This newly elected woman in the European Parliament has been an important part of our politics since 2010, when she was in our senate. She also was a Czech deputy and by the way, she used to be a mayoress of a village named Přezletice. I think, she has a big potential, doesn’t she?

    How does it work, what does it do?
  • Is it important to take part in the elections and vote?
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