1. INTRODUCTION - WHO IS WHO (09-11/2018)

  • The first task is to build a strong project team selecting the members in a fair way, get to know the participants within each school and also among the partners by exchanging information in emails and messages on blog. We will be informing all students and teachers about the project, also the public will be informed about the project.

    All partner schools will focus on the topics of “my school and its short history” and “history of education in each partner country” – differencies now and then.

    Make a list of typical activities organized in each school throughout the school year and share it with others. Any gender preffered activities? (sports competitions, IT competitions, etc.).

    Presentations of partner towns, regions and countries (kind of mini travel guides, video presentations or guides, leaflets etc.). Setting up eTwinning platform, creation of web blog on WordPress.com, starting a closed Facebook group. Building friendship among participants.

    Look at this interactive map of our partner towns (click on the map):

    Our collaborative document about the partner schools basic info.

    Presentation of our partner schools, towns and regions: