2nd meeting in Czech Republic

  • Have fun playing Hangman about the geography of Czech Republic

    Do not forget to include something interesting by making a WORDCLOUD and add SPEECH BUBBLES to your pictures if you want.

    The results of the questionnaire are here:

    1. What was the BEST experience this week for you?

    my best experience are going to prague in train , i can use the time on the train for know more the boys and the girls near to me in the train

    The best experience was sightseeing in Prague.

    Everything was great, I especially very enjoyed the trip to Prague

    The visit to Prague

    Tasting local Czech beer and some sweets from Marlenka factory.

    For me it was trip to Prague and finding new friends.

    sightseeing in Prague, tasting Czech beer and meeting new people

    The visit to Ostrava.

    can not choose 1

    Meeting intersting people, visiting new places (Marlenka factory, Dolní Vítkovice).


    It was very difficult to choose one,butI think that our visit in Praha.

     I cant choose because all the experiences were THE BEST

    The BEST and most amazing experience for me this week was the trip to Prague where we had the opportunity to see the capital and its beauty. We got the chance to walk around the most beautiful parts of it and enjoy the great views.

    The best experience is visit to the Museum of Sigmund Freud.

    meeting new people and getting to explore the country together

    For me, the best experience was the visit to Sigmund Freud's house. I am interested in psychology so it was an awesome experience in my opinion.


    meeting my friends, music lesson

    seeing again my freinds from excgange in Spain and meeting new members of this project and music lesson.


    2. What was the WORST experience this week for you?

    my worst experience was wait  at the restaurant but its ok why i can spent time with my team

    Nothing was bad.

    The moment when we had to say the last goodbye to each other on Saturday

    The visit to the steel factory

    I had fun evert day

    Nothing, everything was great.

    guide who speaks only Czech in Unesco zone

    It will probably be having to leave.

    theres any one

    Long journey to Prague.


    I think that it is going to be say goodbye to my friends.

    Drink water with lemon

    There was no bad experience for me this week, everything went perfectly fine.

    The worst experience is the participation in lessons of french.

    trying to start conversations on the first day

    I haven't had any bad experiences, everything was amazing.

    Barča´s lost wallet

    everything was great

    Everything was great. I honestly nothing came to my mind.


    3. What would you prefer to do during the next meeting? What would you change?

    i don¨t change anything

    I would like to see more interesting places and have more time to integrate.

    I would like to do more activities like playing bowling f.e. as we did on friday evening

    I would like to take part in more activities for teens, like a ride on bicycle, or a ride by boat on a river.

    Less walking, more free time .

    Do a lot of teambuilding activities and visit interesting places. Just like Prague.

    more free time for integration

    I would like not to be in a rush, like we were in Prague.

    more free time

    visit interesting places, try some local food

    more time for sightseeing

    I would like to spend more time with the friends from the country in which I am.

    The water with lemon jajaja

    Maybe try more traditional food.

    I would change the wake up time.

    there is nothing i would want to change, i really enjoyed my time

    Everything was awesome so I don't want to change anything.

    Program si very well planed every time

    i want to more talk with other, new people in this project

    Time with other students.


    4. What do you think is the most attractive thing about your work on this project? Are you good at working in Twinspace?

    the most atracttive thing was the cooperate with the new friends C:

    The most attractive thing about mz work on this project is taking photos on exchanges. I think yes.

    Meeting new people and having fun with them during the week, visiting interesting places

    I really enjoy to work in groups. The Twinspace site is pretty hard to use, but it is cool.

    The most attractive are people. I think so

    Meeting new places, friends and cooperation with them. I do not think I am good at working in Twinspace.

    the most interesting is meeting new people, improving our English and seeing new places
    I am not good at working in Twinspace

    I really like being able to see what the other countries ae doing while they can see what my team is doing.

    make an interview for the presentation

    Learning new things, discusing about interesting topics.

    i think yes.

    I think that it is that we can work together been in differents countries. I think that twinspace is a really good idea to work.

    In my opinion the most atractive is to work online with the others countries

    The most attractive thing would my work be the constant involvement and communication on the Facebook group and on the Twinspace page and the presentations I have done in collaboration with my colleagues.

    The most attractive thing about this work is the questionnaire and the hangman game.

    i enjoy learning about different people and cultures, i like making new friends and exploring the world

    I think the most attractive thing I did was the presentation about important personalities. I think I am pretty good at working in Twinspace.

    Reading projects

    looking at the history and opinions of other exchange countries

    Getting to know interesting facts about other partners countries.


    5. Add any comment you think might help the coordinators to improve in their work on the project.

    we need more free time or a space for expend more time for know the people , and mix the teams at the rooms for a new experience

    I think you can do more integrating activities.

    Maybe a ''team-building'' can be a really nice activity to do at the start of the meeting :D

    We want to have more fun, not so many museums to visit, more interactive stuff meant for teens.

    I realy enjoy this week

    Do a lot of teambuilding activities.

    everything was great

    Next time, you should have in mind that we would rather see less things if it meant not being in a rush 24/7 and at least seeing a few things well. Apart from that, I think the meeting and organization were great.

    we think that they know what to do

    Make more teambuilding activites.


    I think all  is ok.

    I think that the coordination was perfect

    There´s not much I can add.

    I don't know

    i think more creative activities or those where we talk about our interests could help the pupils feel a bit less shy, but i do not have anything in particular that i feel that needs to be changed. the coordinators are doing a great job

    Keep up the good work, you're amazing!

    Everything is going well so far, i do not see any imperfections.

    This project and exchanges learnt me so much and I am so thankful for that. It is all because of you and your hard work in this project. Thank you.

    This project is one of the best things. It learnt me so much and that is all beacuse of your hard work. Thank you.


    Watch this video made by Tereza again:


  • My impressions from the meeting:


    I really enjoyed the meeting in Czech Republic and I want to thank you for everything


    That week was realy interesting. I lerned a lot about Czech Republic and about other countries. Thank you all for the time we spent together!

    Great time

    It was amazing experience. I met a lot of interesting people. I was in Prague first time. I took many photos.

    Amazing, spectacular.

    I really enjoyed this meeting, even more than I expected, honestly. I had fun, made friends and also learned. I will probably not be able to come to an EDGE meeting again,but I am glad I could come to this one and have as much fun as I did.

    my impression

    I have been in Prague and Havirov many times but there is still something that i have not seen yet. People are very nice and welcoming. I did not have time to talk to everyone but still it was an amazing trip, thank you all

    Amazing exchange

    Even I was in Czech Republic so many times.This one was special and it is because of all of you. You are making this project amazing.

    Welcome in Gymnázium Komenského Havířov

    Really nice school choir performance and warm welcome.


    I really enjoyed the time in Havirov.As usual we left the place full of impressions with Prague, Ostrava, school and all around on our minds. Our friendship and cooperation is incredible. I am so happy to be part of Erasmus+ and EDGE.

  • Will you come back to the Czech Republic one day?
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