Earthquakes and Eruptions

  • Earthquakes and Eruption 

    In our countries earthquakes and/or eruptions are a serious problem that students should  know, understand and be ready to face trough the knowledge of the safety procedures.

    Here some activities implemented in our countries and experimented  in different classes, nations and shared during the meetings.

    - Earthquakes and eruption in Italy: activities - see

    - Earthquakes in Romania - see History of earthquakes in Romania -see   

    - Earthquakes in Turkey - see

    - Earthquakes in Greece - see

    - Eartquakes in Reunion - see

    -Earthquakes in Estonia(possibility)-see

    - Eruption in Reunion - see

    - Eruption in Greece - see

    - Active South Aegean volcanic arc and natural dusasters - see

    Induced earthquakes and eruptions :

    - activities - see

    Earth Monitoring :

    - activities in Italy - see

    - Volcanic monitoring : Observatoire du Piton de la Fournaise : - see

    Earthquake Safety :

    Experiential learning   see

    Earthquakes and engineering in the classroom  see

    Getting ready for an earthquake see

    Earthquakes safety tips see