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    Colegiul Tehnic de Transporturi Auto is a public institution, located in a semi-peripheral area of Drobeta Turnu-Severin, Mehedinti County, in the southwestern part of Romania. The institution was founded in 1922, when it worked as a "School of Apprentices" and it is known today as a technical educational institution with a valuable tradition in preparing young people in different proffesions and specializations ready to meet the challenges of European society of knowledge and with real opportunities in the labor market competition. Throughout its existence covering almost a century, our school has coped to numerous changes experienced by the Romanian educational system in all this period through a permanent capacity to adapt to the new requirements.

    At present, the number of students in our school is about 900, enrolled in vocational education or secondary and post- secondary highschool education. We offer a wide different courses in specializations or qualifications in the following domains: mechanic, electric, transport, energetic or computer science. Beeing a technical educational institution we provide a curriculum based mainly on sciences and technical subjects.

    Most of the students, aged between 14 and 19 years are coming from disadvantaged backgrounds in socio-economic terms, from the nearby small rural villages with low standard of living or with migrant parents and some of them belongs to the ethnic minorities, such as Roma. Moreover, they have grown in families with a poor educational and cultural level and their expectation about school are not high.