Climate change

  • Guidelines : Climate change

    IBSE and IBL learning


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    Subject   PHYSICS


    Matter      Mechanics (Conservation laws; Pressure; Fluid dynamic) ; Thermodynamics (temperature; heat; heat transfer; thermodynamics laws) ; Waves



    • Climate change -Volcanic gases                                    LESSON PLAN  and  Worksheet



    • Glaciers and sea ice melting :  characteristics                 LESSON PLAN1

                                                        Lecture by the Prof. C. Smiraglia  here


              LESSON PLAN2     and   Worksheet



    •   CO2 capture and storage: a solution to climate change           LESSON PLAN 




    • Global warming -Greenhouse effect                               LESSON PLAN

             Lecture by the Prof. G. Diolaiuti  here



    • Global warming -Ozone                                                LESSON PLAN and Worksheet




    • Ocean warming- sea level rise                                        LESSON PLAN1

             LESSON PLAN2   and  WORKSHEET



    • Extreme events                                                                         see storm




    • Earth monitoring :  satellites                                           LESSON PLAN




    Subject   Science


    Matter      Biology ( Habitable Zone, biodiversity)

    • Biodiversity loss                                                             LESSON PLAN 




    Experiental and active learning

    Role-playing game on Extreme events  here

    GLOBE Observer app  to make environmenal observations that complement NASA satellite observations to help scientists studying Earth and the global environment.

    You can recognise important information from a photograph and create datasets that could become essential tools for predicting disasters!! Go to GeoTag-X Pilot Project

    Game from the Red Cross / Red Crescent Climate Centre.

    • Electric cars in combating climate change    Lesson plan