Earthquakes and Eruptions

  • Guidelines : Earthquakes and Eruptions


    IBSE and IBL learning


    Subject   PHYSICS


    Matter      Mechanics (Force & Motion; Conservation laws; Pressure; Fluid dynamic)



    • Deformations and Mantle proprieties : This module shows how folded and faulted rocks can provide evidence of the size and direction of the forces which produced the deformation and the rheological proprieties of the lithosphere   LESSON PLAN


    • Induced Earthquakes : weight, volume and pressure variations                              LESSON PLAN


    • Earthquakes simulation :simple demonstration of the build-up of stress                 LESSON PLAN


    • Virtual earthquakes                                                                              LESSON PLAN   and  Worksheet


    • Volcanoes : magma and its characteristics                                                                LESSON PLAN


    • Earth monitoring : satellites and geodesy                                                                 LESSON PLAN




    Matter      Thermodynamics (temperature; heat; heat transfer; thermodynamics laws)


    • Geodynamics : radiation, convection, and conduction                           LESSON PLAN   (Italian)


     Matter      Waves


    • Seismic waves                                                            LESSON PLAN


    Matter      Electromagnetism


    • Electromagnetism in seismic phenomena                  LESSON PLAN


    • CSES project                                                              LESSON PLAN


    • Radio telescopes and geodesy                                   LESSON PLAN



    Matter      Modern Physics



    Subject   MATHS

    Matter      Probability, statistics, coding      Lesson plan  

                               Logarithm   Lesson plan    Student worksheet      Worksheet solved


    Subject   SCIENCE

    Matter      Geology                                   Lesson plan   (  Italian )



    Experiental and active learning


    Develop risk map, risk reduction plans, safety rules



    You can recognise important information from a photograph and create datasets that could become essential tools for predicting disasters!! Go to GeoTag-X Pilot Project