e-HAND - Effects of Human Activities on Natural Disasters

According to recent researches it is very likely that human activities will impact future catastrophes, like earthquakes, storms, floods, cyclones, landslides, also because population growth and urbanization make communities much more vulnerable to natural hazards. Several studies confirm that disaster and risk education should be part of the na...

Earth Day 2017



The Liceo Majorana organized an interactive exhibit open to the public








On the occasion of the Earth Day and the 'March for Science Day', the Liceo Majorana organized an interactive exhibit, open to the public, of works of the students about the effects of human activities on the Earth. Students setup four different areas about the topics: climate change, natural and induced disasters, recycling. In each area students prepared posters, STEM experiments and games for the visitors. The councilor for the environment and officers of the company that manages the environmental health parteciped to the event.


Other pictures and posters here

Video here

Portuguese spot celebrating Earth Day 2017,

this clip was performed and produced by the students os the Vocational Course of Audiovisuals:




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