• GTO GUZEL SANATLAR LISESI, GAZIANTEP, TURKEY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V5gvWa7PWIM

    Gaziantep Anatolian High School and Gaziantep Science High School are public schools focusing on English language education and on natural sciences and mathematics. The art high school was founded in 2005. The structure of it is composed by 35 teachers and 230 students. It is also provided a dormitory inside the school. Students are between 15-18 years old. The size of the school let students have the chance of having music and art lesson with their teachers one to one.

    The institution is in Gaziantep which is the sixth biggest city of Turkey. It’s placed on Silk Road with its many history features.

    In order to internationalize the school the staff is eager to join projects with other European schools. Meeting new people and new cultures is a goal of the school staff in order to can offer students always better possibilities. In this vision, the school has already been involved into two Comenius and this has let the setting of a project management team that through the years has gained a good know-how in it.

    Our students are not only always dealt with music and art, also learn Maths, Physics, Literature, History, Chemistry, Physical Education and Turkish and English lessons.

    Our school has participated in many regional and national events in the fields of art and music and has succeeded in since the day we opened.

    We hope our success will improve day by day.