e-HAND - Effects of Human Activities on Natural Disasters

According to recent researches it is very likely that human activities will impact future catastrophes, like earthquakes, storms, floods, cyclones, landslides, also because population growth and urbanization make communities much more vulnerable to natural hazards. Several studies confirm that disaster and risk education should be part of the na...

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Video about invasive species     2G-Team.Italy


Video about biodiversity     2G-Team.Italy


Video about iglaciers melting     Claudia and Martina.Italy


Video about Lambro river    Carlotta and Filippo.Italy


Video; quicksand     2B-Team.Italy


Our experience on the ISS     4E-Team.Italy



Experiments: extreme events     3E-Team.Italy


Experiment: different ways of conduction   3E-Team.Italy


Experiment: glaciers melt in different ways   3E-Team.Italy


Experiment: sea ice vs ice sheet    3E-Team.Italy



Experiment: density and temperature   3E-Team.Italy



Vajont simulation   3B-Team.Italy





Author: Franca Sormani
Last editor: Franca Sormani