e-HAND - Effects of Human Activities on Natural Disasters

According to recent researches it is very likely that human activities will impact future catastrophes, like earthquakes, storms, floods, cyclones, landslides, also because population growth and urbanization make communities much more vulnerable to natural hazards. Several studies confirm that disaster and risk education should be part of the na...

Project Journal

  • eTwinnin quality Label for Italy

    quality labelJPG


    - Posted by Franca Sormani, 08.09.2018

  • 5 September 2018 #SPNE14 Our project as exemple of bringing research into the classrooms


    - Posted by Franca Sormani, 06.09.2018

  • Two teams were invited to Global Lab Finals in Hanoi for their works in eHAND project. Students didn't go, because it would be too expensive, but they had the opportunity to introduce their works via Skype on Mondat 23 July 2018


    - Posted by Franca Sormani, 29.07.2018

  • We had the certificate for our activity on the International Space Station


    - Posted by Franca Sormani, 29.07.2018

  • Our project was awarded with the Etwinning Nacional Quality Label in Portugal


    - Posted by Anabela Azevedo Dalot, 23.07.2018