• 1st High School of Aigio


    Το Αίγιο είναι μία όμορφη, παραθαλάσσια πόλη στη Δυτική Ελλάδα με μεγάλη ιστορία. Θεωρείται “μπαλκόνι του Κορινθιακού κόλπου” καθώς είναι χτισμένο αμφιθεατρικά.

    Το σχολείο μας ( έχει περίπου 270 μαθητές (12-15 χρονών) και περίπου 30 καθηγητές. Πιστεύουμε ότι η “συμμετοχή των μαθητών” σε ποικίλες δραστηριότητες έχει πολύ μεγάλη σημασία για τη μόρφωσή τους.

    Χαιρόμαστε που συμμετέχουμε στο πρόγραμμα Ερατοσθένης, καθώς μας δίνει την ευκαιρία να επικοινωνήσουμε με σχολεία από άλλα μέρη στον κόσμο και να πλουτίσουμε τις γνώσεις μας σε πολλά διαφορετικά αντικείμενα.

    Είμαστε περήφανοι που επαναλαμβάνουμε το πείραμα του Ερατοσθένη, ενός από τους πιο γνωστούς αρχαίους προγόνους μας.


    Aigio is a beautiful coastal city in western Greece with a long history. It is called "the balcony of the Corinthian Gulf" as it is amphitheatrically built on a slope.

    Our school has about 270 students (12-15 years old) and about 30 teachers. We believe that “the participation of students” in various activities is very important for their education.

    We enjoy being members of the Eratosthenes team because the Eratosthenes project gives us the opportunity to communicate with schools from other parts of the world and to enrich our knowledge on many diverse subjects.

    We are proud to repeat the experiment of Eratosthenes, one of our most known ancestors.


    Our school presentation


    Photos from measurements


    Measurements 2021

    Date Gnomon(cm) Shadow(cm) Angle(°)  
    14 January 17 29 59.6  
    3 February 30 51 59.5 11 pm
    12 February 30 38.8 52.3 12.45
    19 February - Maria 28.5 32 48.3 noon
    24 February - Dimitris 19 21 47.9 noon
    18 March - Akis 46.5 36 37.7  
    21 March 17 13 37.4  
    27 March - Maria 40 27 34  
    2 April - Mirto 23 18 38 13.35
    2 April - Dimitris 17 9 27.9  
    2 April - Akis 46.5 30.5 33.3  
    2 April - Alkisti 24.5 15.8 32.8  
    2 April - John 19 13.1 34.6  
    14 April - Maria 20.9 11.1 28  
    15 April - Maria 20.9 11.3 28.4  
    21 April - Mirto 20.6 9.5 24.8  
    13 May - Maria - Mirto 30 10.7 16.9  
    20 May - Alkistis - Panagiotis 30 9.8 18.1  
    14 June - Maria 33 9.1 15.4  
    20 June 17 4.6 15.1  
    4 September 17 10.5 31.7  
    22 September 30 23 37.5  
    19 October 30 33.8 48.4  
    3 November 30 40.2 53.3  
    14 December 30 54.5 61.2  
    20 December 30 55.5 61.6  
    21 December 30 55.5 61.6  


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    January    [top ⇑]

    January 2021

    Student registration


    February    [top ⇑]

    February 2021

    1st week of February

    Student registration

    Avatar creation by students

    Twinspace profile editing by students

    Pretest and quiz

    5-2-21 Presentation of Eratosthenes experiment and Eratosthenes project

    8-2-21 Work on internet safety (image creation). Real/Fake news in the twinspace forum.


    2nd week  of February

    Parallelism of solar rays - collaborating activity. 

    Parallelism of solar rays was presented to the students. Students were asked to place objects in the sun and observe the parallelism of solar says.

    Shared presentation of the parallalism of solar rays with board games

    Forum for board games in the twinspace.

    Presentation of the parallelism of solar rays - Aigio (not only with board games)

    How do we measure? gnomon, shadow

    What do we do with the measurements  Common spreadsheet and 

    Spreadsheet for our team attempts - Δοκιμαστικό φύλλο μετρήσεων

    Presentation of online Geogebra  Geogebra >North-North and  Geogebra >North-South 


    3nd week  of February Angle calculation - work on forum

    4rth week  of February  Calculation of the cirumference of the earth


    March   [top ⇑]


    March 2021

    1st week of March  Latitude, Longitude. Calculation using google maps

    2nd week of March  Collaborative activity - Eratosthenes interview using Adobe spark

    3rd week of March  Equinox. Explanation of how the circumference of the earth is calculated using equinox as 2nd place. Measurements.

    4th week of March  Preparation for the VC (2/4/21)


    April  [top ⇑]


    April 2021

    1st week of April VC (home measurements by students on 2/4/21. Calculation of the best measurement and presentation in VC. In the VC students presented the work done up to now and the measurement. 

    Netiquette activities

    2nd week of April Work on maths. Create slides, poster, word cloud:

    3rd week of April  collection of words in common document for word cloud - poster for Equinox - Solstice

    Our poster is in

    Netiquette activities


    May  [top ⇑]


    May 2021

    Work on games. Our work is uploaded also in games page.


    Panagiotis: Castle in Alexandria  in Minecraft

    Akis: Minecraft - lighthouse of Alexandria in a single player world using creative. A house full of Eratosthenes pictures in  SMP server. The same lighthouse from the single player but in the SMP. (It’s not finished but the year is about to end and I had to upload it) 

    Maria created a memory card game on scratch using images from this year's measurements. Would you like to play it?


    Mirto worked on geogebra at home. She created a worksheet that shows the shadow of a man as sun and man  change position.

    Link to geogebra file (.ggb) in google drive:"


    June  [top ⇑]


    June 2021

    The 3 Greek classes had  a meeting -video conference- on Monday 7 June at 10:45 CET  till 11:30 CET

    Poster with summer wishes in Postermywall

    Measurements for solstice.


    September  [top ⇑]


    September 2021

    Measurements - Data upload - Calculations

    October  [top ⇑]


    October 2021

    Measurements - Data upload - Calculations

    European Code Week -  Decoding and coding Eratosthenes messages in twinspace forum.


    November  [top ⇑]

    November 2021

    Measurements - Data upload - Calculations



    December  [top ⇑]

    December 2021

    Measurements - Data upload - Calculations

    Studentd added posts about the project in the following  padlet 

    and filled  this mentimeter

    Students sent wishes  using   this padlet

    Participation in video comference  dedicated to December solstice!

  • Participation

    Live events (teachers meetings and classes meetings):6
    No Noon Shadow Days
    Equinoxes and Solstices (4 events)
    Media Literacy-Fake or True in Forums
    Bibliotheca Alexandrina Event
    Experimental Activities: the parallelism of the solar rays
    Experimental Activities: The angle of the sun
    Experimental Activities: Alternate Interior Angles
    Math's Special Day
    Women in Astronomy-timeline
    An Interview to Eratosthenes
    Seasons posters
    Netiquette about Communication
    EU Code Week
    Students' Forums
    Students presentations in Shared padlet
    Teacher's presentation
    Evaluation: students pretest, midterm evaluation, final evaluation
    Teacher's testimonials