LIVE events

  • 1st teachers meeting 30 January 2021

    The presentation that was used during the event and the Link to the shared google sheet with the proposed activities:


    Thank you for your participation and your ideas!



    *Screenshots by Lamia Othmani (Tunisia) and Jeane de Fatima (Brazil)


    Measurement live event 26 March 2021


    2nd teachers meeting on 28 March

    preparation of classes meeting-scheduling the new activities

    Eric, Aspasia, Bill, Yahya, Athanasia, Lamia,  Iuliana (Ciubuc), Iuliana (Trasca), Mariapia, Gamze




    10 European(+) classes meeting: real-time measurements and coordinated results, mid-term evaluation

     02 April

    A short report 



    First part of the meeting

    Real-time measurements and reports


    2nd Part of the meeting

    • Presentation of the schools at Aigio, Istanbul, Irbid, Garmisch-Panterkirchen, Merlara
    • Kahoot game and Mentimeter evaluation



    07 June Classes  meeting Aigio, Athens, Ilion and Lafrancaise (teacher)

    Recording of the live event:


    22-10-2021 Eratosthenes in EU Code Week invitation to the eTwinning Community (sharing good practices)



    Live meeting among teachers for finalizing scheduling


    Dear partners the slide that we have used and the activities with links to work on is on the page "Scheduling a finish"


    21/12/2021 December solstice classes meeting 

    Aigion, Ilion, Merlara, and teachers from Lafrancaise (Eric and Marlene) and Agion Anargyron (Bill)

    Carols during the live event

    Nearpod interactive presentation

    Nearpod student's pace code

    and during the live session, we had used this:

    Some screenshots during the Live Event: