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    (code4all: code4all: cw21-Hkfjb)

    I. Using the online coder that Lafrancaise has created

    1. Ilion: Eratosthenes challenges: "1-All seem hieroglyphs to me"

    2. Lafrancaise:Its-all-hieroglyphic-to-me-codeweek-eratosthenes2021

    3. Aigio: Eratosthenes challenges: "1-All seem hieroglyphs to me"

    4. Athens: 

    5. Irbid:

    6. Bizerte:

    7. Busteni:

    8. Merlara:

    9. Istanbul:

    10 Úbeda all-seem-hieroglyphs-to-me


    I. "It all seems Hieroglyphs to me"

    Hieroglyph translator in fullscreen

    STEP 1: create coded messages

    a) Go to the translator's page

    b) Type your message using the keyboard of the tool (your message should be short and about something that is related to the project)

    c) Take a screenshot of your message, edit the screenshot and keep the coded part (in hieroglyphs) only

    d) Upload the coded part of your screenshot in Materials/Images/CodeWeek folder

    e) Post your coded message in the forum



    If your screenshot is this:

    then in the forum you post this:

    STEP 2: Decode messages that your peers have posted in the forum

    1. Check a posted coded message in the forum

    2. Click QUOTE

    3.  Look at the following photos to see what letter goes to what symbol

    4. Post the decoded message

    II. Have you adored the coder?

    Then here is a new one! Try it, create new events in the code week map and post ththe links of your events in project journal and your messages in this thread


    TEACHERS WANT TO HAVE FUN! What better than as a team?

    Collaboration as a team to manage the challenge of the hunting code! We are a great team, Lafrancaise (Eric), Athens (Bill), Aigio (Aspasia), Merlara (Mariapia), Busteni(Luliana), Irbid (Yahya), Bizerte(Tunisia), Gamze(Istanbul), Jose (Ubeba) and Ilion(Athanasia)!

    We have managed super! A  few teams (33 out of 239 that have participated in these 2 years) have managed to finish!

    Super fun on Saturday!


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  • Photos of our students working on the Code Week activities

    Busteni-Romania- Code week- Eratosthenes -2021

    Invatam sa codificam folosind hieroglifele

    11th Junior High School of Ilion, Greece

    Working on Hieroglyphic coding (21/10/2021)

    Giorgos, Ilion, on coding
    Extra coded activities at Ilion

    Send a message to your partners in scratch (scratch gallery)

    Extra unplugged activities at Ilion-pixelart B1a-13/10/2021
    link to augmented reality video

    by Ilion