Work Process

  • 0-before the first measurement
    1-before any measurement
    2-during the measurement
    3-after the measurement
    4-before the videoconference
    5-transdisciplinar activities

    0-before the first measurement

    On line Pretest for students

    Check: city, country,name, coordinates and Google map of the school
    (post message in  teacher bulletin  if error or new school)

    School presentation: Upload an image banner
    Twinspace > Materials >Images>School Banner

    In your school page:
    Post your school banner
    Write a description of the school (native language and english)
    Embed a slideshow or video of presentation of the school

    Invite the students (username + pswd)
    Twinspace>Members>Invite members>Pupils

    Students presentations in a Shared padlet
    Present oneself and interact with other students

    Present the historical experiment :Eratosthenes method

    Present how the collaboration among schools makes Eratosthenes method valid for any date: Eratosthenes collaborative measure

    1-before any measurement

    Students are organized in international teams: Task forces (optional in a circular way)
    Experimental preparation of the measure (choice the gnomon, test verticality, choice of a good spot at school with min declination of the ground…).  
    Be informed of the updates in the work procedure for the organization of measures over special several days (equinox or solstice Strategies)


    2-during the measurement

    • Measurements of the height of the gnomon, and the length of the shadow
    • Photography of the gnomon/shadow at solar noon and optional photographs or videos of the (team) work of the students


    3-after the measurement

    • Instant communication through social networks (photo of the measurement, optional photos of the students)


    • URGENT STEPS in the pooling of internet documents :

    1. Post of the measurement in project journal by admin student

    photo + data (school, date, time,  gnomon, shadow, names of the students that were responsible for the measurement) (this is important to communicate the measurement to the international partners, a kind of invitation for them to measure the same day with us)

    2. Publication of the data of measurements on a shared google spreadsheet of the month (in the Google sheet, it is the one with the tab  "data" ) (This step is of great importance to be done as soon as possible as the results of the measurements are created daily by the admins)


    • Publication of the photos in your school photo gallery of the TwinSpace and optional in your school's google sub-folder in the   "School gallery 2021" shared folder.
    • Updating your school page -best practice is to use a google slide for gathering photos and data of the measurements per month


    4-before the videoconference

    Videoconferences among all partner classes are scheduled for:

    • March/September equinox, 
    • December solstice,
    • and special events.

    It is also a recommendation to the partners to schedule video conferences bilaterally any time available for their classes

    Admins: Call for the participation of the partners, Verification of results, estimation of measurement quality from the ephemeris
    Looking for the best partnership in a shared spreadsheet in Google drive
    Choice of the partner school which will lead to the nearest calculation 40000km.
    Drawing the geometrical figure of the measurement, followed by calculation of the circumference of the Earth using a Geogebra model.
    Preparation of the videoconference with the slides (country-city-school-student-made)/ slide shared to the partners to prepare their students. Extra presentations/games/online joined activities are implemented with the ideas that partners share in a “vc preparation google slide”
    Partner classes: Communication of the results during a videoconference.
    Admins: Publication of the video conferencing


    5-transdisciplinar freestyle activities 

    Some ideas:

    -Media Literacy: A debate with “valid sources”: Flat earth?

    -Alternative models of the earth, why not possible, "what if ..." case

    -Following the traces of human knowledge about the earth and its movements


    -Solar system (planets' movements around the Sun in comparison to Earth)

    -When Eratosthenes met Euclides, or Thales, a celebration of Thales Day

    -Time from prehistory to nowadays: when do we start to talk about times, meanings of times, measurement of time

    -paired schools to create a quiz for the other country using the photos and the facts that their mate has posted so far. A collective quiz after for all the partners

    -Culture exchange activities among partner countries


    and also shared in a google sheet during the 1st teachers online meeting 

    Inspiring Transdisciplinary activities in Eratosthenes Earth Experiment eTwinning group (Singing, Drawing, Acting, Visiting, Designing, Hallowing, Observing, Gaming, Coding, Gardening)