Solar noon

  • All the measures  are synchronized at local solar noon.

    The students Identify the shortest shadow and its direction towards the north (northern hemisphere)

  • Classes work

    Ilion, 01-02-2021

    Work in class using a spotlight

    SOLAR NOON (02 April 2021)

    Lafrançaise France
    02 April 2021
    Solar Noon activity

    Dimitris, pdf solar noon presentation @Ilion

    Dimitris had this web search by his own and has created the google slide using also his drawings. Then he posted in project journal asking for help for his questions

    Solar noon MERLARA; ITALY

    2nd november 2021, try to find Solar noon. We use a gnomon, paper, pencil, stopwatch, meter and the SUN.We had some diffciulties because our poor instruments, but we founf approssimately between 12.15 and 12.25pm

    11th Junior High School of Ilion, Greece

    12 November 2021-Observation of the solar noon with measurements

    Solar noon-Busteni-Romania