The angle of the Sun

  • a. Direct measure with a protractor

    b. Scale drawing

    c. Trigonometric calculation

    Angle= INV TAN (shadow/gnomon)= arctan(shadow/gnomon)

    d. Automatic calculation in


  • Classes work

    Aigio - Angle calculation

    Asynchronous lesson in angle calculation and work announcement. Students followed the instructions at home (in greek) and tried to calculate the angle in two examples in a multiple choice quiz.
    Students could ask questions through email or in webex class.

    Calculation of the angle in the data google sheet

    Lafrançaise (05/02/2021)

    11th Junior High School of Ilion, Greece-A1b online (webex)

    29-01-2021 Simulation -Angle calculation

    11th Junior High School of Ilion, Greece A1a class

    25/01/2021-online webex

    The angle of the Sun