An Interview with Eratosthenes

  • We have an imaginary interview with Eratosthenes.

    a)We work in a shared google doc to write our question(s) and post an answer to the question posted but another school

    b) Then we edit the video*** in adobe spark to create the final product

    *** To edit the video teachers should post a note in teachers' bulleting with their gmail asking to be editors of the video so that to be invited. Otherwise, it is ok if you stop in step (a) -working just in the shared google doc- and admins will transfer your work in the final product (the video)

    c) We add in the twinboard of this page photos of our students working on the activity and also the sources (links) we have used for getting information to create our question and our answer





  • a) Report of partners work in the activity b)sources that are used to create/answer the questions in the interview is posted here

    10 March 2021: Ilion meets Aigio, real time collaboration in google doc and in Adobe spark

    we have enjoyed working with you today, dear friends from Aigio, on the shared google doc! We had a very nice time today in class with the kahoot game and searching for info to reply your question and add it on adobe spark (we could not add the answer while you were in editing the video so we added it in the google doc)

    We have added on the question too and we will come up with more


    11th Junior High School of Ilion, Greece

    10 March, reading Aigio's question and web search to reply

    11th Junior High School of Ilion, Greece